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Green Machine Headed for NorCal State Championship!

posted Nov 26, 2018, 10:06 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Nov 26, 2018, 10:17 PM ]

Good luck to the La Loma Green Machine Robotics team this Sunday -- Sunday -- Sunday --  December 2nd, as they head to the First Lego League Capital District NorCal State Finals!  Students have been working since the beginning of the school year to prepare a project presentation, core values presentation, robot design presentation and to build, program, and prepare their robot for competition.  Our Lancers came in after school, on weekends, and even holidays to get ready for competition and it paid off with a 1st place victory in the project portion of our 8 team regional qualifier and an advancement to Sunday's 36 team NorCal State Championship.  Way to go Green Machine!   Team members are Paola Coss, Hudson Monday, Ruth Davenport, Jacob Fries, Adan Limon, Nyla Prak, Jack Jamison, Nathaniel Ferg, Jackson Perry, and James Swanson.  PRIDE!!

La Loma takes home 44 medals and qualifies for State!

posted Mar 5, 2017, 9:40 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Mar 6, 2017, 10:24 AM ]

Congratulations to all of our La Loma Science Olympiad participants for taking home 44 medals and finishing 3rd and 8th place out of 18 teams at last weekend's Regional Science Olympiad Tournament!  La Loma finished in the top 10 in 22 out of the 23 events and placed in the top 5 in 17 of the 23 events.  By having a team finish 3rd, La Loma also qualifies to send a team to the State Science Olympiad Tournament on April 1st!  Nice job Lancers!  This is our 5th year in a row to qualify for the state tournament but this is our highest medal total, most Top 10's, and most Top 5's to date! PRIDE!!  Thank you to all who helped out on Saturday and a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Guptill, Mrs. Marcelino, Mr. Harrington and Mrs. Pitcock!  La Loma teachers ROCK!!  Special thanks to ASES, La Loma PTA and the La Loma administration for your support of La Loma academic competitions!

Modesto goes Futuristic!!

posted Jan 17, 2017, 9:17 AM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Mar 6, 2017, 11:28 AM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Future City team for winning the People's Choice Award and the Best Open Design Concept at last weekend's Nor Cal State Tournament.  The team did AWESOME and ended up placing 3rd overall out of 30+ teams.  PRIDE!

All of the Future City students worked super hard this year on researching, adopting, and integrating ideas regarding how they could make Modesto a better place to live and in particular, how they could improve Modesto's public spaces.  They came up with a detailed plan to divert the Tuolumne River,
store and circulate water within a whitewater channel, and provide for increased recreation with a giant indoor water park.   Way to go Lancers!

Congratulations to the Future City Team!

posted Jan 8, 2017, 5:01 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Jan 17, 2017, 8:59 AM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Future City Team for placing 2nd in last weekend's competition at the
 Stanislaus County Office of Education.  The team did awesome and presented the classes model and presentation for futuristic additions to the Modesto park system.  The students in the Future City class have been working hard all semester learning about Modesto's infrastructure and participating in local river cleanups and riparian restoration projects around the Tuolumne River.  The team will be working late this week as they complete their model and make adjustments to their presentation in preparation for the state competition this coming Saturday in San Jose.  Special thanks to Mrs. Marcelino and Mrs. McDonald for your support and a big shout out to the La Loma PTA, La Loma ASES and the District Office for your continued support of academic competitions!  

Green Machine Does It Again!!

posted Nov 14, 2016, 6:29 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Dec 17, 2016, 4:29 PM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Green Machine Robotics Team for winning the Champion's Award at this year's Iron Patriot Fest!  This is the second year in a row that La Loma has won the overall 1st place award and the team has now qualified to move on to the Nor Cal State Finals in Sacramento this coming January.  Way to go Green Machine!!  The Green Machine also won the much coveted Robot Performance Award for scoring the most points during the robotic competition portion.  La Loma was the only team to score 100 points or over, and did so on each of their three sessions with a high score of 125 coming in the final session.   

Check out the link to this year's Iron Patriot Fest photo album below ... and checkout the website the students built for their project (work in progress) @ The team has worked very hard this year on creating awareness with regard to the Chinook Salmon and the state of the Tuolumne River.  Students have participated in river cleanups, riparian restoration projects, water monitoring of the Tuolumne River and Dry Creek, and the Team is presenting at local elementary schools to create and foster a culture of activism and stewardship.  Nice job Lancers!  PRIDE!!  Team members are Ryan Gurule, Nandini Naidu, Danielle Haubrich, Collin Flanders, Blake Sutter, Emma Musso, Travis Miller, Easton Allan, and Cody King. 

Special shout out to Mrs. Marcelino for all of your help, guidance, and assistance ... you ROCK!!  And and a big thank you to Val Sutter for coordinating food for Sunday's event!!  Special thanks to Heather Haubrich and Tony Pastore for helping with volunteering and special thanks to Greg Rosenbaum and ASES, La Loma PTA, La Loma Administration, and the District Office for your continued support of La Loma academic competitions!!  

Copy of Copy of Chinook Salmon Presentation 2.0

2016 Iron Patriot Fest photo album:

Iron Patriot Fest 2016

La Loma wins 32 medals at Regional Science Olympiad Competition!

posted Mar 7, 2016, 12:20 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Aug 8, 2016, 6:20 AM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Science Olympiad teams for finishing 3rd and 7th out of 22 teams at last weekend's Regional Science Olympiad competition.  La Loma had  29 participants who competed in 23 different events, placed in the top 10 in all of those events, and ended up taking home 32 medals overall.  By placing a team in the top four overall, La Loma also qualified to move a team on to the Nor Cal State Finals April 16th.  Way to Go Lancers!!  PRIDE!!! 

A big THANK YOU to all the teachers who helped out and allowed students out of class to work on their events ... And a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Guptill, Mrs. Marcelino, Mr. Harrington, Mrs. Pitcock, Mrs. Jesberg, and Mr. Naidu for helping out with coaching and doing ALL that you do!! You ROCK!!  A special THANK YOU to Mrs. Wolterstorff for coordinating the food on Saturday and a continued THANK YOU to our PTA and Greg Rosenbaum and the ASES for their support of La Loma Academics!!

2016 Sci Oly Awards


Links to photo albums below ...

2016 Regional Science Olympiad Awards Ceremony:

Green Machine wins Teamwork Award at State Championship!

posted Jan 18, 2016, 2:38 AM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Jan 19, 2016, 6:53 AM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Green Machine Robotics Team for winning the 1st place Teamwork Award at the January 16th First Lego League Nor Cal State Finals in Sacramento!  The Team competed against 44 of the top teams in four categories including Project Presentation, Robot Competition, Robot Design and Core Values (Teamwork).  The Teamwork Award goes to the team that best displays the ability to clearly distribute responsibilities amongst team members, show increased awareness of their school and community, show value for each other's roles by making entire team decisions, and enthusiastically work together to find solutions to problems.  This is the second time in three years that the Green Machine has won a Core Values Award in competition and especially commendable, as this was the lowest category for the team when they placed 1st and won the Champion's Award at the November 21st Iron Patriot Fest, Regional Qualifying Tournament.  The team worked hard this year to not only research and prepare for the presentation and robotics portion of the competition, but they also established much need paper recycling program at La Loma that to date has recycled over 400 pounds of paper. The students spent many extra hours in the shop over the past few months, they came in over winter break multiple times, and they worked especially hard to come together as a team as they prepared their material and robot for competition.  They also presented information about their recycling prograand the First Lego League to district officials and at a local elementary school recently as well.   Way to Go Green Machine!! Team members are Agustin Valdes, Nandini Naidu, Ryan Gurule, Colin Flanders, Gabriel Rey, Ashley Cabral, Danielle Haubrich, Mason Neumann, Kevin Tiffin and Michael Pascal. Coaches are Lee Ollar and Noel Marcelino.  A big THANK YOU! to Mrs. Marcelino, for your time, dedication, and support!  A big THANK  YOU! to Mrs. Haubrich and Mr. Pascal for volunteering at the tournament! And a continued special THANK YOU! to the La Loma PTA, and Greg Rosenbaum and the ASES, for their continued support of La Loma academic competitions!

2016 FLL NorCal State Championship

Photo Albums
2016 FLL NorCal State Championship:

2015/2016 Green Machine Robotics Scrapbook: https://goo.g

Green Machine Robotics Team wins Champion's Award and Qualifies for State!

posted Nov 23, 2015, 12:58 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Dec 30, 2015, 6:10 PM ]

Congratulations to the La Loma Green Machine Robotics Team who won the Champion's Award at the November 21st Iron Patriot Fest Regional Qualifying Tournament! La Loma placed first overall out of 16 teams from across northern California and qualified to move on to the Northern California State Finals on January 16th. Way to go Lancers!!  Team members are Agustin Valdes, Nandini Naidu, Ryan Gurule, Colin Flanders, Gabriel Rey, Ashley Cabral, Danielle Haubrich, Mason Neumann, Keven Tiffin and Michael Pascal.  Coaches are Lee Ollar and Noel Marcelino.  Special thanks to Mrs. Flanders for taking care of the food on Saturday.  You Rock!  And special thanks to our PTA and Greg Rosenbaum and ASES, for their continued support of the STAR Center and La Loma academic competitions.  It is much appreciated!!

2015 Robotics Scrapbook

To view this year's scrapbook click on the following link. or the album to the side.


Green Machine Science Olympiad Team Qualifies for State!

posted Mar 8, 2015, 5:49 PM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Mar 9, 2015, 7:17 AM ]

Congratulations to both of our Science Olympiad teams for finishing 3rd (we missed 2nd by 2pts) AND 6th (missed 5th by 3pts) out of 19 teams, at this weekend's 29th Annual Science Olympiad competition.  La Loma had 30 competitors who competed in 45 events, finished in the top 10 in 38 of those events, and took home 39 medals.  And, by having a team finish in the top 4, La Loma also qualified to move a team on to the Nor Cal State Championship on April 18th.  Way to go Lancers! PRIDE!!

Special thanks to Mr. Guptill, Mrs. Marcelino, Mrs. Pitcock, and Mr. and Mrs. Perkey for their awesome coaching skills and all of their assistance, and thank you to all of the teachers who released kids to work on projects!  Big thanks to Mrs. Wolterstoff and Mrs. Wong as well, for all of their help in organizing events and organizing the La Loma tent area, and thank you to all of the parents who helped out!  And ... a BIG continued THANK YOU to ASES and our PTA for their continued support of La Loma STEM!  Without any of you, this does not happen!!

In addition to the competition, we were also invited by the county to have four La Loma multimedia students take photographs throughout the day and then present a slideshow during the award ceremony.  You can check out their work in the adjacent photo album, or click on the link below.  They did an Awesome job!!  Lancers Rock!!!   link:

2015 Regional Science Olympiad

Students were also quoted in Sunday's Modesto Bee.   
To read the entire article click on the link below.

Teens celebrate their inner geek at Stanislaus Science Olympiad



03/07/2015 8:18 PM 

 03/07/2015 9:33 PM

Read more here:
.... Junior high and high school students from 25 schools hung with teammates between events in a minicity of colorful shades that sprung up in front of the science center. The smell of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers wafted westward from a Geology Club fundraiser.

At the La Loma Junior High space, science teacher Lee Ollar kept track of 34 contestants. The central Modesto school fielded two teams this year, part of a science, technology, engineering, arts and math focus in school electives that also had digital arts students photographing the event.

The Science Olympiad got lots of kids studying, Ollar said, but its real benefit will not be known for years.

“People in science careers say it was some kind of experience like this they had when they were 8 to 14 (that got them hooked),” Ollar said. “Plus, there’s exposure to scientific method, to logical process and to seeing something through – anybody can start anything.”

“It was a lot easier than I thought it would be,” said seventh-grader Rebekah Davenport, returning from a contest on entomology, the study of insects. Teammate Chloe Swett was not so confident. “Especially the domain names and the orders – there are so many similar names, but with completely different pronunciations,” she said.

Swett was also competing in Crime Busters, where teams identify metals and powders. “It’s fun. Last time we got to burn something,” she said.

“It’s a life-changing experience, really,” said eighth-grader Carter Neumann. Besides the camaraderie and academics, he said, “There’s always that moment when you screw up and have to laugh at yourself. It’s really fun.”

Full Article:

Read more here:

La Loma Future City finishes 2nd at Nor Cal State Competition

posted Jan 27, 2015, 11:04 AM by Lee Ollar   [ updated Jan 27, 2015, 6:18 PM ]

Photo  Congratulations to the La Loma Future City Team, who finished 2nd at last weekend's Nor Cal State Competition.  The students did extremely well and took home the Best Use of Aerospace award as well as the much coveted, Best Essay award.  The students have been working extremely hard since August on all of the fascists of the competition including a virtual city that is created online, a narrative and research essay, a real life scale model made out of recycled material, and a presentation.  Students were also quoted in Sunday's Modesto Bee article (below).

The student presenters were Carter Neumann, Lars Paulsen, and Isaac Walters, with Johathan Swanson as first alternate.  Also on the team were Annyher Reyes-Ayala, Hashem Taleb, Jonathan Hong, Tegan Rose Jackson, Hannah Smith, Jonathan Gain, Keegan Farris, Nick Leon, Olivia Coyle, Natalie Linker, Bella Mendez, and Emma Arviso.

Special thanks to Mrs. Pitcock for coming out and supporting the kids, and a big THANK YOU to Jane Manley and Greg Rosenbaum from ASES, for their continued support of La Loma STEM programs!

Future City 2015

Way to go Lancers!!  PRIDE!!!


Middle-schoolers reinvent the farm for Future City life



01/26/2015 1:12 PM 

 01/26/2015 1:12 PM


The future looks bright for urban farming, full of skyscrapers laden with veggies and smog-free renewable energy. Cows graze in a giant greenhouse, fertilizing at will, every whiff of methane captured to produce electricity. Hunger is history. Recycling is second nature, and stadiums get top billing.

Such options sit just a tantalizing moment away for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade Future City planners competing at the Northern California championship Saturday at California State University, Stanislaus....

....Eighth-graders on the La Loma Junior High team from Modesto used a tennis-ball can, cut up shoe boxes and green pipe cleaners. Painted Styrofoam peeled back created a rocky beach, and black duct tape made roads. A long forgotten Lego set re-created the famed Ferry Building as a farmers market.

Team member Isaac Walters launched into the virtues of a nutritious cross of kidney beans and spinach called the Spidney Bean and a Golden Gate Lock system for the San Francisco Bay. After catastrophic earthquakes, the team’s vision for a reinvented city by the bay includes energy generated by wind, waves, solar panels and buoyancy turbines – a budding technology that Isaac improved for the project.

The tough part for him, Isaac said, “was memorizing our lines. It’s hours and hours of going over the same thing. It’s so menial.”

For teammate Carter Neumann, the challenge came in laying out the existing San Francisco street grid as a basis. New, however, is a bay-side stadium – the 49ers are back. “It was really cool to listen to all the future technology that we could incorporate now, in 2015,” Carter said.

For example, in the future San Francisco, coho salmon are farmed under docks in the bay that recycle fish waste to fertilize intensive plantings above. The financial district has sprouted greenery grown at every story without soil, the roots nurtured by nutrient rich sprays – “aeroponics,” explained teammate Lars Paulsen....

....Modesto’s La Loma team came in second, and in fourth place was HiMAP STEM Academy, an extracurricular program through California State University, Stanislaus....

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

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