WineFAQ - How do you see Google queries?

How does this website work? Does Google tell you what I'm searching for?


This section, will also be written as a FAQ.

Q: How do you know what people type into Google?

A: There are a couple ways. Anybody can use Google's new Suggest feature. As you type, Google offers suggestions based on what other people type in. It's a slow, hard way to find any good questions, but you can start with a who, what, why, where, when, which or how before typing in the rest of a question. This is how I found "Who invented wine?" and "Why do wine glasses sing?"

The other way which is much easier involves my other website. I have a decently ranked site about a French vineyard where the O'Connells and I make wine. When people type bizarre wine questions into Google, I'm often a result they receive on page one or two. My Google Analytics account shows me what queries people used to be directed to my website. Google Webmasters Tools also allows me to see queries which indexed my site without getting an actual clickthrough.


Q: Can I send in a question or do I have to type it into Google?

A: You can email me a wine question AND type it into Google to be doubly sure.


Q: Why should I believe you?

A: I'm a winemaker, but you shouldn't believe any assertions on the Internet too wholeheartedly.  If you want help researching hard references, feel free to contact me.  Otherwise, I try to keep objective so you can generally trust what I say to be based on books or first hand experiences.  Furthermore, when I do go off the straight truth path, I tend to qualify everything with an "I think" or "it seems".  I'm just trying to entertain and enlighten a little.  It's all pretty casual.


Q: What should I do if something you said is wrong?

A: Let me know. I reserve editorial privileges, but I'm happy to hear dissenting opinions. A lot of this stuff is unimportant and subjective like what glass do I use with what wine or what is the difference between theoretical groupings like old world wines and new world wines.