What we do

“We study the simple model bacterium E. coli, its genes, proteins and metabolites. This includes activities such as discovering and characterising new enzymes. More generally, we are aiming at a better understanding of bacterial metabolic function, a fundamental cellular process that is deeply connected to all other cellular activities.  All energy and mass/molecular transformations happening in the cell are what metabolism is all about.  We are also trying to better understand how metabolic function is reorganised during adaption to new environments and also how the dynamics of bacterial populations are connected to the cellular metabolic network."

While these are fundamental research objectives, they have broad potential applications for metabolic engineering and human/animal health because E. coli is a major ally for bio-production and for human digestive and metabolic function.

With E. coli we can perform experiments safely, rapidly, and conveniently in a matter of hours or days, a task that could otherwise take weeks, months, if not years, using most other organisms. Moreover, functional discoveries made in E. coli can usually apply to most other living organisms. 

For more details see our research page.

Keywords: E. coli, metabolomics, proteomics, biochemistry, cellular dynamics, systems biology, adaptive evolution, bioinformatics

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