m:robe 500i FW update - step by step guide

Last updated on 29/04/06
  • Extract the binary zip file into some directory.
  • Put the original "R5002-BD.BIN" in the same directory (the original FW is encrypted).
  • Go to command prompt (run->cmd)
  • cd c:\the directory
  • Write "MR5-FW-UP decrypt" and hit enter. This creates a new file - "N5002-BD.DEC" (by default). This file is the firmware file, but this time - decrypted.
  • Now we'll extract the images we want to change. We can extract as many images as we'd like.
  • The extraction is done as follows: "MR5-FW-UP GetImage #imagenum", where #imagenum is a number runs from 0 to 389. (the images are stored in the firmware by numbers). If we write "MR5-FW-UP GetImage 12", the 12th image is extracted, to a file called "12.png" (in the same directory)
  • Now we can change the files as we want...  as long as their size don't grow.  (though if it grows, the script will not update the image).

  • To update an image run: "MR5-FW-UP UpdateImage 12 "12-new.png"" where 12 is the image number, and "12-new.png" is the name of the file which contains the new image.
  • This step can be repeated as many times as needed.
  • After all updates are complete, run "MR5-FW-UP CorrectCRC" to update the FW CRC value.
  • Run "MR5-FW-UP encrypt" to create the file firmware image. this will create (by default) the file "N5002-BD-NEW.BIN". This is the updated firmware binary file you can upload to your m:robe 500i.
  • Note: running "MR5-FW-UP" alone, yeilds the help text on screen.

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