M:Robe 500i IDE

C Integrated Development Environment for m:robe 500i



NEW - VERSION 0.92BETA also includes COOL dev utils to help us out!

NEW - VERISON 0.92BETA! (11/08/06)

NEW - Step by Step installing & compiling guide! (26/06/06)

NEW - VERSION 0.91BETA! (26/06/06)

NEW - VERSION 0.9BETA! (19/06/06)

What you see in the picture is a flame software along with a painter written in C and compiled for m:robe 500i.
You draw by moving the cursor using the remote. HEART & MODE buttons change the colors.

In no time we can add games, software, you name it!

The following tools REPLACE the remix function of m:robe! (in order to go back to the original version update the device with the original firmware from Olympus)


CIDE Installing & Compiling step-by-step guide


Visit the new step-by-step guide.


M:Robe's IDE version 0.92BETA


A new application running concept:


1) Compile "load_mrb_prog_to_900000.c" using "build_svg_app" (or use the precompiled binary R0030001.svg), and place it in your REMIX folder.

2) Compile all the other applications using "build_mrb_prog" – this creates a file called "prog.mrb", which is copied to the root of your m:robe drive.


The file "prog.mrb" is loaded from the root dir of m:robe into 0x900000 – allowing us to load bigger applications into the memory, with known base address


In addition, i've added few a little modified sources of dev utils to help us out!


M:Robe's IDE version 0.91BETA

In order to use the IDE developed programs on your m:robe, you must first install the following firmware update:

m:robe IDE firmware ver 1.00BETA


This firmware creates an exploit on the m:robe device which runs code directly from the svg files of the REMIX function.

The exploit runs code placed right after the "ENTITY IMG" string inside the svg file.

In order to develop software for m:robe, use:

m:robe IDE ver 0.9BETA

Installation instructions:

  • Have unix environment installed –windows users, use "cygwin" unix emulator (with gcc installed)!

  • Obtain the arm toolchain (under cygwin use): arm_toolchain

  •  unzip the files to /usr/local (in windows, c:\cygwin\usr\local)
  • and add /usr/local/toolchain_arm_nofpu/bin to PATH using:


  • run build_tools.sh (in the tools directory)
  • run "build_svg_app.sh appname" to build appname.c and create an svg file out of it. (R003001.svg).
  • copy the svg file to the right place on your m:robe device (or use "copy r003001.bat" if your m:robe device is placed under i:)
  • start your m:robe, go to REMIX, choose the desired remix (default: the first) and press the "play" button!

NOTE: Parts of the code are from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gminidev, thanks!


CIDE Downloads


Compiled R0030001.svg - loader for the prog.mrb.


Version 0.92BETA


Version 0.91BETA


Version 0.9BETA




Version 1.00BETA




I need all the help i can get.
i wrote the drivers for the LCD, OSD and REMOTE.
but i'm very busy this week and i don't have time
to finish the LCD TOUCH screen driver.
it uses TSC2100,
SPI, on reg 0x30202 for read and 0x30200 for write.