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Upcoming Tests and Quizzes
     Math 7                      Accelerated
Adding Subtracting        Quiz 6.1-6.4
Integers Quiz                 Thursday 12/6
Thursday 12/6
                                       Test - Chapter 6
Integers Quiz                  Friday 12/14
Friday 12/14
                                        Mid-Term Exam
Integers Test                    Part 1 - 12/18
Wednesday 12/19            Part 2 - 12/19


Class code

Period A:     se51944

Period B:     ts3wl5

Period C:     vacnx4

Period D:     hjh6g1

Period E:     rhiig6f


**Class codes will be posted soon**

Class code

Period A:   MathA1819

Period B:   MathB1819

Period C:   MathC1819

Period D:   MathD1819

Period E:   MathE1819


Current Unit being Studied

Math 7  
Topic 1 and 2: Working with Signed Numbers

Chapter 6: Percents

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