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Course Outline: Spanish 1

Español: nivel 1                                      Señor Narva                                             2011-2012


Contact Info

                        Mr. Andrew Narva

phone:             (408) 867-3411  ex. 312

email:               anarva@lgsuhsd.org

class website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrnarvasclass/  (linked to SHS website)

*I will do my best to keep the class website updated with homework assignments, but students are responsible for copying down their homework as it is assigned in the classroom and turning it in on time.*


-Develop students’ ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend the Spanish language        

-Increase students’ understanding of the function and structure of language for both Spanish and English

-Expose students to the culture and customs of Spanish speaking peoples around the world 

-Create a classroom culture based on respect and an eagerness to learn

-Prepare students for success in Spanish 2

-Have fun



This class will be taught primarily in Spanish with English used for clarification.  Students are expected to participate orally everyday and in all class activities.  Understandably, trying to speak in a new language can be a challenging experience.  However, it is essential to practice speaking and listening as often as possible.  If a student is not present in class, they are not participating and therefore not practicing these two language skills.  Oral participation will be a part of each student’s grade.  Also, written class activities in the students’ notebooks will be graded and included in the participation grade.



Tutorial is offered three times a week, and a student may be required to attend to make up work, or receive extra help from the teacher.  All students are encouraged to attend tutorial whenever they feel they need some extra help or whenever they would like to talk to me one on one.  However, I do not teach any classes on Wednesdays or Fridays.  I am happy to be flexible and accommodating to students’ schedules, but please make an appointment with me if you need to see me during tutorial on Wednesdays or Fridays.


General Expectations

  1. Show up on time and prepared
  2. Be respectful
  3. Participate
  4. Take responsibility for learning


Specific Classroom Expectations

1.       Electronic devices, including cell phones, ipods, laptops, etc. are turned off and put away during class time.

2.      Spanish class is used for learning Spanish and working on assignments for Spanish class, not assignments for any other class.

3.      Any bullying, or what could be perceived as bullying, is completely unacceptable.

4.      Substitute teachers are to be treated with the utmost respect.

5.      Any distracting behavior (eating, drawing/doodling, side talking, etc.) is inappropriate during class time.

6.      You must have your notebook, textbook, workbook, and materials to write with in class every day.

7.      You are expected to make corrections to your assignments and tests when the correct answers are reviewed in class.

8.      Students must raise their hand and ask IN SPANISH to leave their seat or leave the classroom.  (ex. “¿Puedo ir al baño?”)

9.      Textbooks must be covered.

10.  One workbook will be provided by the school.  If a student looses or damages their workbook, the replacement fee is $20.


Consequences  (if expectations are not followed)

  1. “Aviso” Verbal warning
  2. “Segundo Aviso”. Students name is written on the white board, loss of participation points, student needs to speak with the teacher one on one
  3. “Tercer Aviso”. Office referral and possible disciplinary action


Supplies List

Students are required to have the following supplies everyday in class.

-Textbook:  Descubre Spanish level 1, Vista Higher Learning

-Accompanying Workbook:  “Cuaderno de práctica” Descubre Spanish level 1, Vista Higher Learning

-Notebook: 1 subject spiral notebook (70pgs)

-2 Pens:  blue or black ink

-2 Pencils

-1 Red Pen:  for correcting student assignments



The following items are highly recommended for each student to have.

-Spanish-English dictionary


-Dry erase marker

-Set of colored pencils


Assignments/Work Load

You can expect up to 45 minutes of work outside of class time for each class meeting.  Homework will be assigned over the weekend.  Homework will be checked for completeness and corrected during each class meeting.  Chapter tests will be given approximately once a month, and quizzes even more frequently.  Tests and quizzes will usually include a listening and speaking section in addition written questions.  Most chapters will also include a project. 



Grades will be calculated on a point scale.  Once grades are submitted at the end of the grading period/semester, they are FINAL.  Please check your grades on Aries frequently and speak with me if you have any concerns.  Final semester grades ending in .5% will not be rounded up unless the student shows outstanding class participation. Late work (homework, projects, tests, etc.) will be accepted for excused absences if it is turned in the day you return to class.  Late work for unexcused absences will NOT be accepted.  There is no extra credit offered for this course.  Your semester grade will include the following categories:

Tests and projects                   40%

Written and oral quizzes        15%

Homework                               15%

Participation                            10% 

Semester Final Exam              20% 


            Grading scale:

A+   99-100%        A     93-98%          A-    90-92%         

B+    88-89%        B       83-87%        B-      80-82%      

C+    78-79           C      73-77%          C-     70-72%       

 D+    68-69%      D      63-67%          D-      60-62%      

 F   below 60%


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