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The Blueprint of the Experiment

As every project begins, a certain amount of background information was needed before I could start just experimenting away.  Consistent with the scientific method, I had some pre-research to do.  Several papers had been written on the topics at hand.  Papers covering the description of of the worm, analyses of similar test subjects, analyses of similar motions, and finally a paper on the calculations required to predict the swim rate were all read.  Now it was a matter of time before the experiment had to be designed.  In more formalized and prolonged research, I would have had to predict results using equations from a paper.  That would require writing a computer simulation (sim) using COMSUL or MathLab that would include parameters for allowing the speed to be found.  In order to actually get started, my mentor Jinzhou took the initiative to program a sim.  He's just waiting for me to return some reliable data.  Interestingly enough, a student from the REU program had actually just written a program analyzing the motion of these worms.  All that could be needed now is a movie, and a few final tweeks to the sim in order to more accurately measure the location of the worm in the frames so as to measure its speed.