The Finale

 As our program ended, we were excited to complete our research posters and present them to anyone interested in seeing what the RET's completed this summer.  It was a bit anxious as engineering students of all backgrounds asked us questions about our research.  It was certainly intimidating having more Ph. D candidates inquire about our work, but we were confident in answering their questions.  It was an awesome experience to have your own poster printed and presented.  While the program ended for us, our cohort still plans to get together and continue swapping ideas, lesson plans, and demonstrations for use in our schools.  It was a great group of people to work with in the cohort, and certainly you build great relationships with them.  Thanks to the Cohort of Drexel/UPenn 2011 for making my summer a very memorable one.  Check out their work at the following link and maybe you can find something that interests you in their research.