Welcome to Mr. Wenzek's Elementary School Band webpage.  This was made especially for you and your parents.  I will update information as the school year progresses.  Be sure to click on your school for items specific to you and your band.

Remember:  Although band is an elective course, it is considered to be a course, complete with letter grades, effort grades, and comments for report cards.  Students are encouraged to keep on top of their preparation and homework(practice) for band in order to achieve the best grade possible.

January 20, 2019

Congratulations to our finalists in the draw for a Starbucks gift card.  And the winner is...(click here to find out :-) )
Hopefully you're doing your daily 20 minutes of practice so you're ready for another challenge in the spring.

January 9, 2019

I believe all bands have now received Ayre and Dance.  Click on the title to hear a recording of the piece.
Also, you will find a recording of your school band's new piece through your school's link on the left.

Finally, a reminder for students at Edmonds, Morley, Stride, and Taylor Park of our zonal concert at Byrne Creek on January 30 at 6:00 PM.  Forms should be handed out early next week and will be available on this website at that time.

November 20, 2018

By request, here is a link to a recording of First Christmas Suite.

November 6, 2018

I'm glad to be handing out your first two songs this week.  Here are links to recordings of them:  Declaration and Dance and Power Rock.
Also, Audacity is a tool to help you slow down the mp3 Essential Elements recordings (link for EE on Sept. 19) and can be found here. Remember that this is for computers only, and not for phones or tablets.

Finally, if you haven't yet paid for your Essential Elements book and folder yet, please do so following the info below on October 9.  Thank you!

October 9, 2018

Better late than never!  Students may now have parents pay for their Essential Elements Band Method book and folder online.  Visit your school's website to access School Cash Online to make payment, either by debit card or credit card.  Should you need instructions on how to set up School Cash Online, please check out this pdf

Choose District Elementary Band Method Book and Folder - 2018/2019 from the list.

It would be appreciated if this could be taken care of by the end of October.

Also, students that have District instruments and need to take care of the user fee, online payment will be set up shortly, and I will put notice on this website that it is ready to go.  It will be in the same area as the Band Method Book and Folder option is.

October 4, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  To celebrate the holiday, all band students are expected to perform for their parents that day.  Use the accompaniment to make yourself sound great!
(If you're having problems opening the files, download to a computer or cloud-based storage (like Google Drive).  From there, unzip the files, then transfer the files to whatever music device you like, as files are all in mp3 format AFTER being unzipped.)
This little performance will best prepare you for our evaluation in class.  Enjoy the long weekend!

October 3, 2018

Here's a great news story how music can inspire positive reactions from people, and finding extra time to practice.  Click here.  Besides, he's an acquaintance of Mr. W, and one of the world's top trumpet players.  Enjoy!

September 19, 2018

Thanks for a great start to our school year.

Click here for a link to the accompaniments for Essential Elements exercises.

Don't forget that band homework consists of daily practice of 15 minutes.  No, you can not "makeup" time by doing a long practice, so be sure to do it every day.  I suggest trying to do it at the same time every day!

Finally, a reminder that all band students will also require an "Essential Elements for Band (Book 1) for their particular instrument and a band folder for their book and sheet music.  These are being handed out by Mr. Wenzek for a cost of $15 (including shipping and taxes).  Payment can be made starting in the near future (details coming on this webpage!)  Thanks!

September 19, 2018

Regular band classes begin TODAY!!  Hopefully everyone went to First Lesson yesterday.  Please bring your instrument with you.  Band books and folders will be distributed at your first regular band class.

September 15, 2018

All instrument assignments are now completed.  Check your school's link on the left to find out who's playing what.  Once you have your instrument, KEEP THE CASE CLOSED UNTIL YOUR FIRST LESSON STARTS.  If you have issues getting an instrument, and have already read the September 5 entry below, please email me for assistance.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Byrne Creek on Tuesday after school for their First Lesson!

September 13, 2018

Instrument assignments are slowly being loaded to each school's respective page on this website.  Be sure to check this list to confirm what instrument each child has been assigned.  All lists will be posted by late tomorrow night.

Percussion students:  Be sure to obtain a Bell Kit (either with or without a snare drum).  I would recommend getting it with a rolling bag to ease transportation.

September 5, 2018

A reminder to students & parents of the District Instrument Rental & First Lesson Night at Byrne Creek Secondary School on Tuesday, September 18th.  Further details can be found here.  Students not attending the First Lesson could end up falling up to 6 weeks behind the rest of the class.  DO NOT GET AN INSTRUMENT UNTIL INSTRUMENT ASSIGNMENTS ARE MADE (see below).

Instrument assignments will be posted through the link to the left corresponding to your school as they are completed.  (I am not going to bed on Friday, Sept. 14th until all schools' band rosters are completed, meaning they will be posted when you get up on Saturday the 15th in the morning!)  I will try to give students their first instrument choice.  However, trying to maintain a balanced band to benefit all students, not everyone will be assigned their first choice.  I will do my best to assign an instrument as close as I can to requests.  

After instrument assignment has been made, most band students are encouraged to purchase or rent an instrument from one of the approved stores directly or at the District Instrument Rental & First Lesson Night on Tuesday.  Also, be sure to pick up a wire music stand for home practice.  DO NOT BUY FROM CRAIGSLIST OR A WEBSITE (other than from the district approved stores), as most have inferior quality and cannot be repaired by local service personnel. Should you choose to buy privately, be sure that the instrument comes with a written clean bill of health from one of our local instrument repair stores. Repair shops are extremely busy at this time of year, with wait times up to a month long.  I would encourage you to strongly consider purchasing an instrument from a music store with a "buy-back" plan:  after purchasing the instrument, the instrument may be returned back to the store in the future for a full refund MINUS the amount that would have been charged had the instrument been rented, thereby minimizing the purchasers risk.
Baritone, bass clarinet, oboe, and french horn players will be provided with School District instruments at prevailing rates.  Other students requiring District instruments should let me know as soon as possible by email, as quantities are limited.  Subsidies may be available upon request.  Parents with children using District instruments are to ensure that the Instrument Loan Form is completed and turned in to me.  Preference is given for those families with financial needs.

**NOTE**  p-trumpets and p-bones are only available at select music stores directly, not the District event.  They will do for trumpet and trombone players in elementary school band.  Use of them in high school is at the discretion of the high school teacher.

All band students will also require an "Essential Elements for Band (Book 1) for their particular instrument and a band folder for their book and sheet music.  These will be handed out by Mr. Wenzek for a cost of $15 (including shipping and taxes).  This can be made by the District's Cash Online (link to come).

Finally, all forms and documents issued to students are available on the "Forms & Docs" link to the left.


Your rising 7th grade child has the opportunity to make a very important decision about one of the classes they can choose to take this year, as well as through High School and College.

He/she has the opportunity to register for the outstanding band program at their Elementary School. Band is an exploratory course and not an extra-curricular activity. The band program is a year-long class students may attend. Students should enroll in this class at the beginning of the school year. Students starting this program do not yet have to read music and do not have to know what instrument they wish to play. Students will have a chance to explore the differences in band instruments during the first part of the school year.


Why should a student join the band? 

Many studies have shown that music education increases early brain development and improves students’ overall academic performance. 

Current research shows that music:

•Enhances higher brain function

•Teaches the habit of excellence

•Improves reading and math performance

•Builds teamwork skills and enhances cooperation

•Raises IQ and SAT scores

•Provides self-paced learning and mental concentration

•Develops higher critical thinking skills

•Prepares children for the future

•Helps develop better physical fitness and breathing

•Can help reduce asthma problems

Therefore, students that participate in formal music training generally have higher test scores due to the nature of their musical studies. Students in band must strive for success by achieving their personal best on a daily basis. As a result, students are learning the value of hard work and the pursuit of excellence in all of their endeavors. Many band students receive honours and awards, therefore validating the strong work ethic they develop while striving to perfect their many fundamentals and performance tasks.    

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