Mr.Mungles´ DP Programme: University Guidance, Careers & Pastoral

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Welcome to Sotogrande International School´s University & Career Website

The application process for Universities  requires excellent preparation, and the earlier you begin to think about your future the more likely you are to remain motivated and focussed on your end goals at SIS. Finding the right career path for you also requires that you plan ahead, develop your strengths with specific career goals in mind. Here at SIS I have developed, with my colleagues an ongoing, holistic programme to support your move into the world of work and/or University placement. This process begins in M1 with a number of initial meetings to get you thinking about your future and then never really stops even when you have left. For my part I will ensure that you are provided with regular academic and career guidance, and in return will expect you to think and prepare ahead. We are an international school, with an international outlook striving to make changes in the world for good, and you are all individuals with different goals but preparation and planning are the cornerstone of success. You will find all of the supporting information linked here on this site. Good luck!

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