About Me

I'm going to ramble here. Get used to it, I do that a lot. 

I am very happy to be back at Papillion LaVista South this year.  In fact, at my age, I'm pretty happy to be anywhere.  I've been around awhile.  Prior to becoming a teacher, I spent twenty-one years in the Navy.  The recruiting poster is right, "Join the Navy and see the world. My career in Naval Aviation provided me wonderful experiences.  I flew in reconnaissance aircraft, plus served on ships of the fleet, including aircraft carriers and cruisers.  The Navy opened the wonders of the world to me.   My history classes in high school and college enhanced my appreciation of all that I saw and experienced.  That is one of my goals for you this year.  You have no idea where the future will take you, and I really desire that you develop a curiosity about your world, what is happening today, and how the past brought us to this moment. Believe it or not, World History did not start at yours or my birth.

Personal Stuff:
In December Jan and I will have been happily married for forty-four years. We have two sons, Patrick and Andrew, a daughter,  Kathryn.  Also in the mix are Patrick's wife, Jessica, and Kathryn's husband, Nathan.  Then there are the grand-children, Meghan, Adeline, Ethan, and Allison.

I am an Arkansas native, with hillbilly origins, born and raised and still have the accent. Following college in 1973,  Jan and I left home to began our Navy life. We have traveled the USA and the world.  We have lived in Florida (twice), Texas (thankfully only once), Tennessee (where they say Elvis is buried, but he's not), Spain (with travel all over Europe), Guam (where America's day begins, but I'm not sure why), and finally ended up in the Cornhusker state.  We have lived here longer than any other place (including childhood), so Nebraska is our home.  We bleed Husker red.

Professional Stuff:
My undergraduate degree is in history.  An old German proverb says, "Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."  It is true.  Reading, writing, sharing, and teaching history is what I do for a living, but it has been my lifelong hobby.  I do not expect to make any converts out of you.  The History Guys among you know who they are and don't need any encouragement.  But, for the rest of you, I hope to spark a little curiosity about the past.  I would hope in the future something you read or see in a movie or television will call up a memory and cause you to look a little further.  History is made up of many stories.  Sometimes they aren't very pretty.  And they all eventually connect to us sitting here in the classroom.  Don't you want to know how and why?  We'll go as deep as you want.

B.A. in History (1973) Arkansas State University
MSeD IN Education (1978) University of Southern California
Nebraska Teacher Certification (1997) Peru State College
And a bunch of additional graduate hours in a variety of education related subjects.
Yes, I am a Life Long Learner.  I will stop learning when they close the lid on me.