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Swing Kids/Nazi Germany

1917-1918 - American soldiers arrive in France.  U.S.Army jazz bands perform in France for U.S. troops and French civilians.
1919 - Treaty of Versailles is signed in Paris -- punishing Germany for "starting" WWI. 
1919 - Adolph Hitler joins German Workers Party in Munich
1923- Beer Hall Putch - Hitler and followers try to take control of Munich (plan to take over all of Germany).  Plan fails and Hitler is arrested and sent to prison.  While in prison, Hitler writes his book, Mein Kampf, that pretty much spells out what he wants to do once he gets control of Germany.  

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1929 - Great Depression throws many more people out of work in Germany.  Hitler and Nazis began to gain support and members. 

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1933/January 30th - Hitler is asked to be the Chancellor of Germany after losing election for President.  Nazi Party won the most votes in the Reichstag - Germany's legislature (elected law-making group).  
1933/February 27th - The German parliament building -- The Reichstag -- mysteriously burns down.  Hitler blames the communists and gets a law passed allowing the Nazis to round up communists and anyone else they though was a threat.   This is where the Nazi reign of terror really started.
1933/April 1st - Nazis organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish shops in Germany, This is the first action taken by the Nazis against Germany's Jewish people - who made-up less than 1% of the population! 
1933/March 22 - First Nazi concentration camp is opened at Dachau.  There had been other Nazi prison camps, but Dachau became the model for all those built afterward.  

1934/September -  Annual Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg is filmed. Film is used to make the Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of The Will."

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1935 - Benny Goodman performs at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles - starting the Swing Craze in U.S. Jitterbug becomes a popular swing dance.

1935/September 15th - Hitler announces Nuremberg Laws that take away the rights of German Jews. 

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1936/August 1st-16th- Nazi Germany hosts Summer Olympic Games in Berlin.  Athletes and visitors from other countries are impressed with Hitler and convinced that Germany is a peaceful country!  
 1936/December -  Membership in Hitler Youth - for German boys and girls ages 10-18 - is made mandatory! 

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1937-1939  Swing Kid subculture starts to emerge in Hamburg, Germany.
1938/March 12th- Germany takes over Austria and makes it part of his German Reich (empire).  
1938/September 30th- Hitler bullies English and French leaders into signing Munich Agreement.  This gave him the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.  

1938/November - Kristallnacht  - Jewish stores, homes, and synagogues are vandalized and destroyed all over Germany.  Perhaps as many as 1,000 Jews are murdered and another 30,000 men are rounded up and sent to concentration camps.  This is the beginning of the organized violent attacks on German Jews.

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1939/March 15th - German forces enter Czechoslovakia and take over the rest of the country.  England and France do nothing to stop Hitler - again.  

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1939/September 1st - Germany invades Poland.  England and France declare war on Germany a couple days later.  World War II in Europe begins.  
1940 -  Nazis crackdown on Swing Kids in Hamburg and other German cities.  In Hamburg, more than 600 Swing Kids are arrested at a huge party. 
1942 - SS leader Heinrich Himmler orders the arrest and imprisonment of Swing Kids and their "leaders."
1942/June 27th - The White Rose resistance group begins operating in Munich.  

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1943/July 24th to August 3rd - Hamburg is bombed by Allied planes killing 50,000 people and destroying 250,000 homes
1943/February 22nd - Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, and Christoph Probst are tried, sentenced to death, and executed by the People's Court in Berlin.

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1945/May 8th -  Germany surrenders -- ending WWII in Europe.