Tools for flipping...

Using CANVAS to flip...
I use Canvas by Instructure as my learning management system (LMS) below is a quick video explaination of how I use it and is in fact the mandatory starting point for every student in my classes. 

Here is link to one of my current classes that utilizes canvas.  Feel free to follow the link and poke around as all student data is private but course content can be viewed publicly.

The video to the right gives you a somewhat different introduction to the Canvas process as used with my class that is primarily special education students.  

Here is a link to view this basic math class and poke around if you wish.

Using Zaption increases interaction...

One of the best revisions I have made in my method is utilizing Zaption as a means of increasing the students' interaction with the video instruction.  Zaption is an interaction overlay that allows questions and reflections to be included within videos making learning reinforcement immediate as the student move through multimedia content.

YouTube Video

The video to the left is one of three interactive pieces that I use to introduce students to Zaption, sign students up for Zaption, and then collect all of their log on and password information using Zaption.

The link below will take you to the first tour my students use to practice Zaption and collect the information I need when they inevitably lose their information.