The journey starts here...

My name is Matthew Moore, and this website is a collection point and a jumping off point for my journey with the flipped classroom. In the header and listed below you will find links to pages that give information about me, my journey thus far with the flipped classroom, and how I am using flipped methodology in my classroom. Poke around in this website and the other tools linked to this page that I use and if you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to contact me via EMAIL.

Flip Status Update:

Following Flipcon15 I am attempting to make the move so many flippers make toward a flip mastery model.  I don't know that I buy full asynchronous mastery model for my math classes yet, as I am always a bit skeptical (there is a Jon Bergmann podcast about that). It seems to be a big jump, but I am finding that if you have incorporated a true flip learning model, then flip mastery seems to be just over the next hill. I am watching the #flipclass chats and reading Flipping 2.0 and other books to get up to speed, and get beyond my local learning network. 

Flipping every class from my Special Education math class to my Calculus AP-BC is a real study in how flexible the flip models can be.  All of my flip classes share similarities but each is worked out differently in the classroom based on the content, academic level, and maturity of the students.  Creating new content and, most importantly, new inquiry and student driven activities for my classes is an exhausting but exciting process that reminds me why I like the Flip model and why my students seem to be flourishing in it.