Being The First To Flip: The Late Adopter Who Jumped In First

Session Brief:

How a self-professed stick-in-the-mud became the first teacher in a very traditional district to jump off the deep end and begin the process of flipping a high school math chapter, which turned into a class, which became more classes, and is changing how I teach at the local college. I hope to share what I have learned through experience and student critique that might help others successfully move toward a flipped classroom, learning management systems, and a web-enhanced classroom to begin changing how students view school and responsibility for learning.  Topics also include taking inventory of your access and assets, finding both a peer supporter and a peer skeptic, selling administration, co-workers, and parents to think differently about learning, and how to begin training your brain to teach differently.  What I want from this session is your input, critique, and ideas to move past simple flipping to mastery. 

Pre-Session Activity:

Please complete the Access and Assets survey yourself, and I recommend administering your own similar survey in your school so you have a clear picture of some of the resources available in your building.  Access and Assets...

For more detailed instructions download the file listed below or follow this link: ID_n27 pre-session activity

Flipcon15 Presentation:

The presentation below is the presentation that I used at Flipcon15.  The presentation can be accessed using the file below or the google link.

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