Access and Assets...

When considering a flipped classroom there are many different styles and methods for inverting the learning process, but for me technology is an integral component that makes flipping my classroom possible.  I believe that the success of online learning still hinges on the development and inherent commitment of personal relationships.  I believe that to flip my classroom successfully I needed to be "in the homes" or as it has turned out "in the phones" of my students where the preparatory learning they are expected to do is still taking place with "me" even though the "me" is a video version. 

If a teacher is considering a flipped classroom I highly encourage the use of technology to enrich the process and track the data. To this end, I have put together an "Access and Assets" survey in Google Forms for teachers, administrators, tech coordinators, and students to take to help determine what resources are at hand or what might need acquired to facilitate flipped learning.

*** To those planning on attending my Flipcon15 session, please follow the link below and fill it out for yourselves.  If you wish feel free to copy the survey in part or whole and survey your building, department, or students to get an idea of what the environment you work in has to offer. ***

Below you will find the results of a similar survey I did within my building in December of 2014

Google Forms Tutorial: 
For those unfamiliar with Google Forms and would like to create their own survey the video to the right will provide a tutorial.