Enrollment and late comers

If you are already enrolled with me...


You must get a confirmation email from me before you are allowed to enter the site. If you already followed all the steps below, just wait for my email. If not, go ahead! Do it now!

if not, welcome!

Better late than never! To get access to our community website and resources, you need:
  1. A google account (gmail or any other account enabled for google products. See directions below)
With that email address, you need to do the following:
  • Diagnostic test and student profile
 ¡Bienvenido! Para acceder a nuestro sitio necesitas una dirección de google (puede ser gmail u otra, lee debajo). Luego tienes que seguir estos pasos: rellenar un perfil de alumno y hacer una prueba de diagnóstico. Sigue leyendo.

Diagnostic test and student profile

(No need to print it out, you can open up and work on both windows side by side).


El perfil del alumno está en inglés.  Try to answer in English. If you find it too difficult, las respuestas las podéis dar en español, o mitad/mitad si hace falta.
  • Learner profileI will then add your google account to the online resources.
Notify me you are done so that I can add you address and grant you access. Click the corresponding link:
You are now all set! Just wait for my email (it may take a couple days).

A MUST: a Google account

We use Google products a lot. A hell of a lot. So you need a google account. If you have a gmail account you are done, use that one.

If you don't have a gmail account, you have a choice:

1. Either you open a new gmail account and forward all email to your other account. You really must forward the new email to your current account, because we will be sending emails almost everyday, and you will miss out a lot if you forget to log in the new gmail account regularly.

2. Or you create a google account linked to your current email address (hotmail, yahoo, etc.). See directions here. Google prefers you to have a gmail account, so option (1) may be easier in the end.

Si tienes varias direcciones, no olvides cuál estás usando para las cosas de clase. Necesitarás saberlo más adelante. por favor usa siempre la mismaApúntatelo en algún lugar de tu cuaderno.

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First Day's Teacher presentation and course materials

First Day EOI 2017