1st Semester World History Honors



REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:  McDougal Littell, Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction


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August 13 - 14, 2009  (Welcome Back Miners!) 

Thursday - First Day of School - Review Course Description and Expectations

                      World History Honors Course Description / Syllabus


Friday - Introductions - Course Overview

                How Do You Change the World? 


Binders, Signed Course Descriptions, & "Parent Contact Forms" Due Monday!


August 17 - 21, 2009  The Origins of Democracy

Monday -  Introduction to Binder and Cornell Notes

                    Begin "The Legacy of Greece" powerpoint presentation

                    HW: Read textbook "Legacy of Anicent Greece & Rome" p. 5-11


Tuesday - Finish the "The Legacy of Greece" powerpoint presentaiton

                    Plato and Aristotle Readins and Questions (see Thursday)

                    HW: Read "The First Democracies" and answer questions


 Thursday - Watch Video: "The Greeks: Crucible of Civilzation" and  answer                 answer Video Questions 

                       Plato and Aristotle Readings and Questions

                       HW: Read "Genius of the Practical" about the Legacy of Rome

                        and complete the handout for the reading.


AUGUST 24 - 28, 2009  Religious Influences on Democracy

Monday - Turn in homework

                   Review "The Legacy of Ancient Greece & Rome" and copy charts on 

                         page 6 "Major Forms of Government" and on page 8 "Athenian 

                         and United States Democracy." 

                   HW: Write Cornell Notes for textbook reading pages 12-15

                             "Judeo-Christian Traditions"


Tuesday - Turn in homework

                    Deserted Island Activity: Experiencing the Difficulty of Democracy

                    Examination of Religion handout

                    HW:  Complete the World History Vocabulary Handout using the terms:

                                 republic, aristocracy, direct democracy, individual worth


Thursday - Legacy of Greece, Rome, Religion Test

                      Read Text chapter 3 & 4 (The Reformation) and asnwer questions #1-9 after each 

                       section.  Once completed, answer the following question, "What are the three legacies of

                       the Reformation?" 

                      HW is to complete the above assignment if not completed in class.


AUGUST 31 - SEPTEMBER 4  Democratic Developments in England

Monday - Turn in homework (religion chart, vocabulary, Chp. 1 Sect. 3 & 4)           The Magna Carta

                   Begin powerpoint presentation "Democratic Developments in England"                    1215

                   HW Read "The Development of Modern Democratic Ideas" and

                      answer questions


Wednesday - Turn in homework

                          Group work - Prologue, Section 3: "Democratice Developments in 


                          Finish powerpoint presentation (see above)

                          Group work - Enlightenment Thinkers Readings & Chart

                          HW #1 is to read text Chapter 6, Section 2 "The Enlightenment

                               in Europe" pg. 195-200  Take Cornell Notes focues on "The

                               Ideas of the Enlightenment."  In the summary box answer

                               this question, "What was the legacy of the Enlightenment?"


                         HW #2 is to read "The Bold American Experiment" and 

                               answer  questions (1 page)


September 8 - 11, 2009  REVOLUTION!

Tuesday - Turn in homework

                   Review: The Enlightenment Thinkers Powerpoint

                   Group work - Chp. 6, Section 4: The American Revolution handout

                   Review: The American Revolution Powerpoint (pictures only)

                   HW Complete the Timeline of Democracy


Thursday - Turn in homework

                       Pop Quiz!  Democratic Developments in England

                       French Revolution, Chp. 7, Section 1 #1 - 4

                       HW  Read The Influence of the French Revolution.  As you read the article, write a list

                          of ALL the significant events discussed in the reading.  Once completed, choose what

                         you feel are the 6 most important of these events.  Then, fold a blank sheet of (printer)

                         paper into six equally sized squares.  In chronological order, draw the six events in the

                         six squares and label them.


September 14 - 18  The French Revolution

Monday - (Minimum Day)

                   Review Pop Quiz

                   Video: The French Revolution & answer questions


Tuesday - Cornell Note Review of text pages 217-219

                    French Revolution, Chp. 7, Sect. 1 #5 - 9

                    Chp. 7, Sect. 1 Group Quiz

                    Video: The French Revolution & continue answering questions

                    HW  Write Cornell Notes reviewing the information in your textbook

                         on pages 217-221 "The French Revolution Begins."


Thursday - Grade homework.

                      Group Work: "Revolution Brings Reform and Terror"  (To make up this assignment, you

                        must take detailed Cornell Notes on the entire section of your text book. pg. 222-227)                            Examine "The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen."

                      HW  Review Chapter 7, Section 2 "Revolution Brings Reform and Terror" and complete

                        this assignment. 


September 21 - 25, 2009  The Revolution Ends

Monday - Continue watching video and answering questions.


Tuesday - Conclude video and questions.

                    Read article about Napoleon and answer questions.

                    Napoleon Invades Russia

                    The French Revolution Study Guide: Quiz on Thursday!

                    HW  Read Chapter 7, Section 5 "The Congress of Vienna."

                        Take detailed Cornell Notes as you read.


Thursday -  Grade Homework

                       French Revolution Quiz

                       Watch: Les Miserables

                       Study for 1st 6 week Benchmark.  Benchmark on Monday!



September 28 - October 2, 2009  Intro: The Industrial Revoltuion 

 Monday - 1st 6 Week Benchmark Test


Tuesday - Finish watching Les Miserables

                    Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

                    HW  Read "Before the Inudstrial Revolution" and

                      answer questions.


Thursday - Read "The Industrial Revolution Begins" and

                        answer the following questions:

                         1. Why might the industrial revolution be

                               describe as an 'evolution'?

                         2. What were the key inventions and

                               resources that jump started the Industrial Revolution?

                      HW  Read Chapter 9, Section 1: The Beginnings of Industrialization and take detailed

                          Cornell Notes on what you learn.


October 5 - 9, 2009   Life During the Industrial Revolution

Monday - Collect Homework

                   Read "Great Britain: First to Industrialize" and

                       answer questions

                   Study the chart:

                       "Technology of the British Industrial Revolution". 

                   HW Create your own inventions chart using

                   this handout and choose 4 different inventions

                   from the textbook (Chp. 9, Sect. 1) and/or from

                   the reading handout "England and the Brith of the

                   Revolution".  (See Tuesday's Homework for article)

Tuesday - Collect Homework

                    On the same sheet of paper that you answered the questions

                    to "Great Britain: First to Industrialize" from yesterday, copy

                    the questions and answers for the four articles that follow...

                                                "The Steam Engine"

                                                "The Industrial Revolution in England"

                                                "The Components of an Industrial Economy"

                                                "The British Population Moves to the Cities"

                    Read "The Textile Industry" and asnwer the questions.

                    HW  Read "England and the Birth of the Revolution".  Write 16

                     "short essay" type questions from the reading.  (1 for every




Thursday - Collect Homework

                       Group Work:  Read Chapter 9, Section 2

                          "Industrialization" and complete handout.

                       Read Child Labor: Abuses and Reforms

                       Watch Video: Child Slavery in India and answer


Due Mon      HW  Write an acrostic poem about "child labor"


Due Tues      HW  Read Chapter 9, Section 3 Industrialization

                         Spreads and write detailed Cornell Notes. 




 October 12 - 16,  Capitalism vs. Socialsim

 Monday - Turn in Homework                                                                          Adam  Smith    vs.   Karl Marx

                    Read: "Women in the Industrial Revolution"

                    "Essay Questions that Make You Think"

                    Read and answer questions about

                                   "Adam Smith and Capitalism"

                    Read and answer questions about

                                   "Karl Marx and Socialism"

                    HW  Finish Smith and Marx questions and read

                       Chapter 9, Section 3: Industrialization

                      Spreads and write detailed CORNELL NOTES.


Tuesday - Turn in Homework

                   Understanding Capitalism and Marxist Theory (Socialism) using the

                      game "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

                   Using the two handout from yesterday and the textbook page 300-

                      304, complete the "Venn Diagram" comparing the differences and

                      similarities of capitalism and socialism.

                   HW Read Chapter 9, Section 4 "Reforming the Industrial World"

                      ONLY page 300 to the top of page 304.  Take "Cornell Notes" on the

                      ideas of Adam Smith and Karl Marx.

                                                                                                                                                  Labor Unions

Thursday - Turn in Homework

                      Powerpoint: The Effects of Industrialization.  Take

                          Cornell Notes.

                      Review for the Industrial Revolution Test on

                          Monday! (Jepoardy!)

                      HW  Using this STUDY GUIDE be sure you are

                          prepared for Monday's test.

                      HW  Finish reading Chpapter 9, Section 4

                          "Reforming the Industrial World" pages 304-

                          306 and update your cornell notes you took on

                          the Effects of Industrialization powerpoint.


October 19 - 23, 2009  The Rise of Imperialism

Monday - Industrial Revolution Test

                   Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution


Tuesday - Read the "Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution"

                      again and answer these "Points to Ponder" questions.

                    Read Chapter 11, Section 1 "The Scramble for Africa" page

                      339 to the middle of page 342.  Take Cornell Notes.

                    Using this Map of Africa, copy all the information from

                      the map on page 343 in your textbook.  Include the colors

                      that illustrate European colonies in the key and include

                      the names of the African nations on the map.  


Thursday -  Review Industrial Revolution Test

                       Read the following articles and answer the questions

                          using complete sentences.


                                  The New Imperialism

                      Using this powerpoint, observe the images representing the various motives of

                         imperialism and record your notes on this  worksheet.


READING PROJECT:  Due November 5.  Students must read the book "Things Fall

Apart" which is about the experience of European imperialism from the perspective of the African natives being conquered.  Students will be able to apply what they are learning in class to the message of the book; that imperialism had many effects both positive and especially negative toward the people that were conquered.  While reading the book, students are to answer questions and prompts for each chapter.  The assignment is due the same day of the Imperialism Test, Friday, November 5.  The packet of questions is too large to post on the website.  Be sure to get a packet from Mr. Mendoza as soon as possible.


October 26 - 30, 2009  Imperialism Spreads to Asia

Monday - Motives of Imperialism Pop Quiz!

                   Classwork:  Reading "The Coming of the Europeans"

                       and answer these questions.


Tuesday -  On the same sheet of paper that you answered the

                       questions to "Introduction to Imperialism" & "The

                       New Imperialism" from last Thursday, copy

                       the questions and answers for these four articles:

                        Social Darwinism

                        Extent of Colonialism

                        Cecil Rhodes: The Empire Builder

                       Comparing Viewpoints: Two Views of Imperialism

                    On a separte sheet of paper, copy and study the

                      chart "Imperial Management Methods" on page

                      346 of your text.  Next, read page 350 "The

                      Legacy of Colonial Rule" and list the negative and

                      positive effects of imperialism as described in the reading.  Finally, using the

                      information, decide whether imperialism was generally a good or bad event in history. 

                      Defend your answer (Avoid claiming "both").

                    HW  Using this map of China, copy the information on the

                        map located on page 374 of your textbook.  Illustrate the

                        "Spheres of Influence" and label the key to show which

                        nations controlled these spheres of influence.


Thursday - Imperialism in Africa Pop Quiz!

                      Groupwork: Take Cornell Notes on Chapter 11, Section 1

                                              "China Resists Outside Influence."

                      Imperialism in China Power Point Presentation

                      Answer questions (using complete sentences) to:

                             The Opium War


                           DO NOT FORGET THAT THE "THINGS FALL APART"

                                                     PACKET IS DUE IN 1 WEEK!


November 2 - 6, 2009  Imperialism in India                     

Monday - Grade Cornell Notes from last Thursday.

                      On the same sheet of paper that you answered the

                       questions to "The Opium War" from last Thursday, copy

                       the questions and answers for these two articles:

                              China and the Open Door Policy

                              The Boxer Rebellion

                      Watch video: The Boxer Rebellion


 Tuesday - Imperialism in India Lecture and reading packet.

                    Answer questions (using complete sentences) to:

                        British Imperialism in India

                     Begin viewing scenes from the movie "Gandhi"



                         On the same sheet of paper that you answered

                         the questions to "British Imperialism in India"

                         from last Tuesday, copy the questions and

                         answers for these two articles:

                             Mohandas K. Gandhi

                             India Seeks Self Rule

                       Read: A Case Study: British Imperialism in India

                       Continuing watching Scenes from the movie "Gandhi"


November 9 - 13, The End of the Imperialism

Monday - Conclude watching scenes from the movie "Gandhi"

                   On the same sheet of paper that you answered

                         the questions about British Imperialism in India

                         from last week, copy the questions and

                         answers of this article:

                                        British Imperialism Helped and Hurt India


                  Prepare for Imperialism Test AND 2nd Benchmark that

                    will include questions about Industrial Revolution and

                     Imperialism.  Use Industrial Revolution Study Guide  

                     and this Imperialism Study Guide to prepare for both






November 16 - 20, "International Affairs"

Monday - A&E Biography on "Gandhi"  List 15 NEW things you learned about Gandhi


Tuesday - Introduction to the "World War I Reenactment Activity"

                   Guest Presenter:  Foreign Exchange Student from Kzazkhstan


Thursday - Guest Presenter: Foreign Exchange Student from Azerbaijan

                      Guest Presenter: Foreign Exchange Student from Kyrgyzstan

                      HW  Imagine you were an American Foreign Exchange Student in

                        another country not familiar with customs and life in the United

                        States.  Put together a 'display board' of images the represent the

                        following categories of American society: 1) American Culture, 

                        2.) Religion, 3.) Education, 4.) Food, 5.) Government, 6.) Yourself

                        or anything else you feel is important about the US.  This

                        assignment is due Monday, November 30.  Your display must be

                        neat and must include images representing each category.

                        Display boards can either be made from a regular single sheet

                        poster board or made from microsoft word on a single 8.5 x 11

                        sheet of paper.



November 23, 24, 25  World War I Reenactment

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:  World War I Reenactment Activity that helps studnets understand the main causes that led to the outbreak of war.




                 THANKSGIVING BREAK! 






 November 30 - December 4, 2009  World War I Begins

Monday - Complete World War I Reenactment

                   HW  Read Chapter 13, Section 1 "Marching

                   Toward War" and write brief Cornell Notes with

                  questions and a summary.


Tuesday - Discuss the Assassination of the Archduke Francis


                    World War I Reading Handouts

                            The Alliance System

                            Main Causes of World War I

                            Military Buildup

                            The Crisis in the Balkans

                            The Assassination

                     HW Read all the following series of World War I articles and answer these questions.

                          Sinking of the Lusitania, Storm Clouds Over Europe, The Opening Clash,

                          The Great Neutral    DUE THURSDAY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD.