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~Updated 6/15/15~

As we finish the school year...
Supplies you will need for Music Class next year
  • Kindergarten - smiling faces
  • First Grade - a music folder
  • Second grade - a music folder
  • Third grade - a music folder - **all 3rd graders will be given a RECORDER and Lesson book by the school, which is their responsibility to take home for practice**
  • Fourth grade - a music folder and notebook - KEEP YOUR RECORDERS from 3rd grade; we will use them again in 4th grade
  • Fifth grade - a music folder and notebook

Check each GRADE LEVEL page
to see what we are learning in Music Class!
(updated May 31, 2015)
    • Developing listening skills
    • Sergei Prokofiev's "PETER AND THE WOLF"
    • Camille Saint Saens' "CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS"
    • Using ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS to represent characters (i.e. animals)
    • Dance - improvised vs. choreographed
  • FIRST GRADERS - are connecting their Language Arts FAIRYTALE unit to MUSICAL FAIRYTALES and CLASSIC Disney MUSIC
    • Developing listening skills
    • Reading and analyzing sheet music for musical patterns 
    • History of Disney fairytale cartoons and music
    • Dance - improvised vs. choreographed
  • SECOND GRADERS - are learning about Famous HISTORICAL "Classical" COMPOSERS
    • Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata and Symphony
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Opera
    • Johann Sebastian Bach - Fugue
    • MUSICAL PATTERNS - rhythm, pitch, melodic contour, etc.
    • TIME SIGNATURE - musical math - conducting and interpreting 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, and 6/8 patterns
    • EXPRESSION - dynamics, articulation, style, etc.
  • THIRD GRADERS - are developing RECORDER skills and learning about MOTION PICTURE MUSIC
    • Famous movie composer - JOHN WILLIAMS
      • Exploring his contributions to motion picture and popular music history
      • Developing listening and analysis skills
    • Preparation for "State's Fair" performance - playing patriotic songs
    • Reading pitches and rhythms on the TREBLE STAFF
    • TIME SIGNATURE - interpreting 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, and 6/8 patterns on the Recorder
  • FOURTH GRADERS - are learning about famous American Musical Theatre Composers
      • Developing listening and analysis skills
      • Exploring music's role in theatrical storytelling - "The King And I"
    • Significant contributions to the history of musical theatre
    • COMPARE & CONTRAST - discovering a composer's style by recognizing similarities in all of their compositions
  • FIFTH GRADERS - are exploring today's POPULAR MUSIC and preparing for Graduation Performance
    • Practicing songs for MOVING UP CEREMONY
    • Developing CRITIQUE skills - interpretation and evaluation of music performances and styles
    • Listening, analyzing, and researching...
      • R5 - pop group
      • Lindsey Stirling - pop violin / dancer
      • The Piano Guys - pop piano / cello group
      • Popular Disney Composers and music