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Regents Chemistry and General Chemistry


Periodic Table Video (Crash Course):
Video of sodium and chlorine reacting to produce sodium chloride:
Video of carbon nanotubes and graphene
Video of Solids, Liquids, and Gases Video:
Image of a messy bedroom (high entropy)
Image of a laboratory setup for distillation:
Bill Nye Video on solids, liquids, and gases
Melting of Sulfur in lab video:
Kinetic Molecular Theory Video (should be watched after the above video of gas particles in motion): 
Animation of how pistons in a car engine work:
Animation of Decompression Sickness ("The Bends"):
Steel Drum Crushed With Air Pressure:
Gas Pressure/Vapor Pressure Demo:
Vapor Pressure (Dynamic Equilibrium) Explained Video:
Rock Me Avogadro Video (Gas Laws and Mole Day):
Boiling water in a vacuum chamber:
Balloon in a vacuum chamber (dec air pressure):
Balloon in a vacuum chamber (inc air pressure):
Crystalline solid vs Amorphous Solid (Particle Diagram): 
Zinc Pyrotechnics (exothermic reaction) (It is sideways because my phone wasn't cooperating):
Heating/Cooling Curve Video:
bowling ball and feathers in a vacuum:
History of the Atom (music video):
Wave Mechanical Model Image (wave functions):
Wave Mechanical Model Image (electron density):
Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment:
J.J. Thomson's Cathode Ray Tube Experiment:
Atomic Radius moving down a group:
Ball on stairs showing excited state/ground state and spectra:
Continuous Spectrum with nanometers:
How a Continuous Spectrum is produced:
How an emission and absorption line spectrum is produced:
Electromagnetic Spectrum Explained Video:
Radioactivity video from TED:
Nuclear Chemistry Crash Course Video:
Alpha, Beta, Gamma deflection video:
Nuclear Fission Video: 
How a Nuclear Power Plant Works Video:
Ionic vs. Covalent Animation:
Metallic Bonding Video (Short):
Metallic Bonding Video (Funny):
Images of Network Solids: 
Dissociation of NaCl video:
Decompression Sickness Video:
Supersaturated sodium acetate video:
Collision Theory Video (Fruitful Collisions):
Le Chatelier's Principle Part I Video (Conc. and Pressure):
Le Chatelier's Principle Part II Video (Temp):
Acids and Bases (Crash Course):
Arrhenius Acid/Base Theory Video:
Bronsted-Lowry Acid/Base Theory Video:

AP Chemistry
Click on the following link for the Online Student Center for you textbook (Chang 11th Edition AP Update):


Phet University of Colorado at Boulder Simulations:

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures and Vapor Pressure Video:
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution (mulitple images):
Intro to Mass Spectrometry (University of Arizona):
Animation of filling e- configurations (sublevels):
PES Sample Spectra (University of Arizona):
PES Excel Spreadsheet (Credit to: Mr. Douglas Arbuckle):
Wavelength of visible light chart (list of wavelength values): 
Wavelengths of visible light (visual of what the waves look like):
Various Series of Emission Spectra for Hydrogen: 
Another Series of Emission Spectra for Hydrogen
Video: Emission Spectra Explained:
Video: Emission Spectra and Absorption Spectra Explained:
Potential Energy vs. Internuclear Distance for Hydrogen (Image) (Covalent Bonding and Atomic Radius)
Potential Energy vs. Internuclear Distance for Hydrogen (Video):
Chemistry Crash Course Video on Orbitals and Hybridization:
sp2 hybridization: 
sp hybridization: 
Ionic Crystal Images: 
Protein folding in water (hydrophobic/hydrophilic): 
Lattice Energy of NaCl explained:
Colloids Explained (Wikipedia):
Chromatography Explained (TLC):
Paper Chromatography Explained (Wikipedia):
Column Chromatography Explained (Wikipedia):
Strong Acid vs. Weak Acid Animation (Ka explained):
Weak Acid/Strong Base Titration Image:

Earth Science Lab

Longitude and Latitude video:
Earth Science Lab Practical - Part D
High Pressure and Low Pressure Wind Direction (Northern Hemisphere):
High Pressure and Low Pressure Wind Direction (Southern Hemisphere):


Hubble's Law (Expanding Universe Activity):

Centripetal Force Explained:

phases of the moon video:

Why the Moon's orbit is 27.3 days but the phases take 29.5 days to complete:

Relativity Videos: 




Gravitational Waves Video:

SOHO website (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory):

Difference between solar flare and coronal mass ejection:

Why is the corona hotter than the photosphere?

Diagram of the Sun's Rotation:

What are magnetic fields?:

Solar Flare showing magnetic field on the Sun:

Explaining magnetic fields on the Sun:

Magnetic fields around a magnet:

Magnetic Field of Earth:

The Physics behind polarization of light:

Visible Spectrum in nanometers:

Stars and how they "die":