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  • Still Building to the Civil War Read the attached documents and we will discuss them.  At this point in American history everything can be seen as building toward the secession of South Carolina.  As you look at these items, keep in mind our investigation about to what extent slavery was a cause of conflict between the North at South.  Doc "Slavery" are summaries of common arguments in support of maintaining slavery.  Doc "Slavery in a ..." is more of a political analysis of acquisition of new land.
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  • Af-Am experience DBQs These are shorter DBQ's, there are instructions to create "buckets", I don't need to see any physical evidence, it can be just a part of the process, but you should have a response to the prompt as evidence of learning.  Please try not to just give me a summary of evidence.
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  • For Nate, so he doesn't have to turn around  Using evidence to support your opinion defend one of the following statements: 1.Andrew Jackson executed the office of the President of the United States as intended under the constitution of the United States of America 2.Andrew Jackson took advantageo of oversights in the constitution to, essentially rule as an unchecked executive power in the United States.
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  • Edmodo I'm going to try out a new tool called Edmodo.  I hope that it will replace this website...eventually.  It has some tools that a simple website does not ...
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  • IB Psych
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