American Studies

  • HWK Wed Read CH 55 and do the Interactive Student notebook at the bottom of each section
    Posted May 27, 2015, 9:09 AM by Colin McCormick
  • Friday's PPT
    Posted May 26, 2015, 8:11 AM by Colin McCormick
  • Readings this week For Wed: bring in lyrics for one song from the 1980s and one from the 1990sFor Wed read Reaganomics articlesFor Friday read War on Drugs article
    Posted May 21, 2015, 12:23 PM by Colin McCormick
  • Test review I've been trying to upload this for awhile, hopefully it works.One more thing... How do you evaluate Richard Nixon's Presidency?
    Posted May 14, 2015, 1:24 PM by Colin McCormick
  • Readings For this week: Due Tuesday Read Israel and Through Nixon and Answer Q's 1-11 See previous post for article.  Questions 11 on will be for discussion.  If discussion ...
    Posted May 11, 2015, 1:33 PM by Colin McCormick
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IB Psych

  • Happiness studies one study.  Your task is to summarize the study and critically analyze the findings.  Where do they make good points, where may there be ...
    Posted May 22, 2015, 10:58 AM by Colin McCormick
  • Beautiful Mind wrap up After watching "A Beautiful Mind" and creating a log of his paranoia and irrational thoughts, we will do a summary activity.  Your summary activity is;Look at how 4 concepts ...
    Posted May 20, 2015, 1:15 PM by Colin McCormick
  • HWK Packet due Monday It's been awhile since I have collected a homework packet, but I want to make sure that I give you proper credit for work completed.All assignments are worth ...
    Posted May 15, 2015, 11:13 AM by Colin McCormick
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Guided Studies

  • Assignment 1 survey click the link to take the survey
    Posted Sep 10, 2014, 3:04 PM by Colin McCormick
  • Meetings Sometime next week you will be pulled out of class to meet with me, set goals and discuss how this year has started.  Be ready, but don't think we ...
    Posted Sep 5, 2014, 10:16 AM by Colin McCormick
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  • Arapaho Proverb If we wonder often, knowledge will come
    Posted Sep 12, 2013, 8:15 AM by Colin McCormick
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