Welcome to my website.
My name is Emilio Magazin. I am pleased to be back at St. Phillips the Apostle school. I have been a teacher in the Dioscese for 16years. I started working in 1997 at Pope John Paul II Elementary school until it closed in 2009.  I will be teaching at St. Phillips Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am a New Jersey certified teacher and certified coach. I have coached Basketball, Soccer, and Indoor Hockey. I have a seven year old son who plays on PAL Soccer and Hockey teams. I am a HUGE N.J. Devils, N.Y. Yankees, Boston Celtics and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I take my son to Devils and Yankee games every chance I get. I am also a HUGE Manchester United fan. My dream is to one day take my son to England and watch ManU play at Old Trafford and cheer Rooney,Giggs and Vidic!
Here at St. Phillips I will be teaching a variety of sports/activities. I do the same activities with 3rd-8th grade. In September I wil be giving fitness tests on the students speed,strength and endurance. I will record all scores. In October I will do basketball skills such as dribbling,passing and shooting. The students will also play halfcourt and fullcourt games. In November the students will learn volleyball skills like serving,recieving and rotating. They will also play 6 on 6 games. In December the students will do indoor soccer, practicing passing.shooting and dribbling. They will also play 5 on 5 games. In January I will retest the students on their fitness tests to see their progression. In February the students will do indoor hockey practicing passing,shooting and stick handling. They will also play5 on 5 games. In March the students will be playing kickball displaying throwing,catching,kicking and running bases. In April the students will play German Dodgeball, displaying throwing,catching and dodging using safe foam dodgeballs. In May the students will review Basketball skills for the first half of the month,and review volleyball skills the second half of the month. In June the students will be tested on their fitness tests for the last time so that they can see their progression from the beginning of the year.   
 I am looking forward to having a wonderful year again here at St. Phillips !