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Welcome to my Driver Education webpage.  This website was created to provide parents and students an opportunity to become acquainted with the D.M.A. High School Driver Education Program.  Within these pages you will find the policies and procedures that are followed to provide Driver Education services to the students at D.M.A. High School.  Please take your time and become familiar with these program guidelines.

Driver Education

This course consists of both class work and in-the-car driving experience. Upon successfully completing this course, the student will be able to obtain a Delaware Level 1 Learner's Permit. 

It is important to remember that receiving a driver’s license is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right!  If the teacher has reservations regarding the maturity of the student or possible safety issues regarding the student, a meeting will be held with the student's parent, driver education teacher and building administrator to determine if a blue certificate will be issued.  It should also be noted that in the event that a student does not drive during the assigned semester, due to age or any other issue, the student must contact the teacher upon return to the school within one month of return.


Driver Education is a state mandated course, with its own requirements and grading policy.  Driver Education is pass / fail with a 70% minimum required in all areas (classroom/ behind the wheel/final).  House Bill 138 requires that prior to receiving a blue certificate a student must be passing a minimum of 5 classes, two of which must be in major subject areas.  If the student has not met the requirement at the end of the subsequent marking period, the blue certificate is null and void.  The State of Delaware also maintains a strict attendance policy for Driver Education.  Students must not miss more than 3 classes in a marking period.  If a student violates this policy by excessive absences he/she has failed Driver Education and will not move on to the roadwork portion of the class. 


Once a student has been assigned a driving schedule, it is up to him/her to honor that schedule.  The student is responsible for obtaining the required teacher signature the day of each drive.  If the classroom teacher will not sign, the student is to notify the driver education teacher as soon as possible.  If the student does not show up for driving without a valid excuse, the student may be replaced on the driving schedule until a later date. 

Driver’s Education  (student DMA handbook)

The State of Delaware, Department of Education approved Driver Education course is offered to all sophomores at DMA. The curriculum is developed by the State and administered by a State Certified driving instructor. Students will receive thirty (30) hours of instruction in the classroom daily during one of two mid-day mini-blocks. Students will then receive seven (7) hours of instruction behind the wheel and seven (7) hours of active observation in the “in-car” training. Students will miss one (1) academic class during that marking period, per subject. The State awards one quarter (1/4) academic credit hour for this course. Upon successfully completion of the course, the student along with a parent or guardian can exchange the completion certificate for a Delaware Graduated Driver License (GDL) at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A written test or driving test is NOT required for the student to obtain their GDL license at DMV.


The student will have 6 months to take the GDL certificate to the motor vehicle or the student will have to take drivers education over, outside of school, at your expense.