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I have a pet Holland Lop (Chestnut Male) looking for a home. Text 636-667-4761 or email if interested.
    We are located in Washington, MO, which is about an hour west of St. Louis.  My name is Marcy Ritchey.  I got my first bunny when I was 11, but I just kept her as a pet.  Later I ended up getting some more bunnies and started breeding and had my first successful litter in January 2011.  I am in 4-H and I am a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder's Association).  We are registered with ARBA, and are Rabbitry #D1247.
    I started out raising Holland Lops and Mini Rex and then started working on my Plush Lop project.  It is a working standard and you can learn more about them on my "Plush Lop Info." page. 
    Feel free to check out all the info on rabbits I have posted on here and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
    Thanks for visiting and come again!! 
*****Due to the fact that I will be going off to college fall of 2014, and I am very busy, I have sold completely out!  May possibly start breeding again in the future to continue working on the plush lops and get them recognized by ARBA.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the breed.

**Update: Finished my first year of college, at least 3 more to go! I am still raising dogs. Miss the bunnies, occasionally get to bunnysit. Hope to be back in business in a few years. The Plush Lop Breeders Group on Facebook has been growing, more interest in the breed. The Velveteen Lop is under COD now, and working on being recognized, hopefully we can do the same with the Plush eventually!

*****2016Update: I am about to start my third year of college! Even though I am currently not raising rabbits, I am willing to take in bunnies that need homes, and find them homes for you. If you have a rabbit that you can no longer care for and aren't able to find him a home and don't want to drop him off at a rescue or shelter, contact me and i'll see what i can do!

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There is also a Plush Lop Breeders Group on Facebook that I created and manage, so if you are interested in the breed you should join.

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