Notes About “What’s Due Today?”

  1. All daily assignments are posted on the day they are due, NOT on the day assigned.

  2. Countdowns are posted each day for assignments due on future dates. For instance, if an LA teacher gives an assignment that is due in a week, reminders are posted each day until the due day is reached. So you don't need to look ahead to catch multi-day assignments.

  3. Click the tabs at the bottom of the page to view previous weeks.

  4. Assignments with an asterisk (*) have been changed from an earlier posting.

  5. Information in parentheses ( ) are non-homework events (in-class work, tests & quizzes, etc.) Quizzes & Tests are also in red.

  6. Teachers whose names are underlined have links to their websites. Sometimes we include links to other media, such as PowerPoint presentations.

  7. To make sure you have the latest entries, refresh the assignment page each time you visit.

We do our best to make sure that assignments listed are accurate, and regret any errors that may from time to time occur.

If you have a question or comment, you can either email me directly at lindm@mcsin-k12.org, or submit it via our Feedback area at the bottom of the main page at whatsduetoday.org. Please include your name, so we can get back with you. Your comments or questions are not displayed publicly.

--Matthew Lind

6th Grade Language Arts

Northridge Middle School