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Now you can create animation in minutes, on the move - anywhere.

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Replay the last few frames in the live camera preview, just touch the frame counter.

Use the Alpha brush to hide supports and make your animation fly!


Clayframes is an easy to use app that lets you collect still images (frames) for making stop-motion animation and time-lapse movies. It allows you to take large numbers of images and convert them to video. All images and video are easily accessible in the clayframes folder of the SD card on your device.

Clayframes provides onion-skinning (the ability to see a transparent image of the previous frame) and a remote shutter release. These features help you produce a smooth animation.

Clayframes lets you edit your movie with copy, reverse and delete commands.

Clayframes lets you add audio to your movies by recording sound with the microphone on your device.

Clayframes can export your animations as AVI (MJPEG) format video files and MP4 format from Android 4.3+ or you can easily copy images from your SD card for post processing elsewhere.

Clayframes has an alpha brush editor to erase supports and rigs to make your characters fly.

Clayframes is available exclusively from the Play Store.

You can share your exported video to YouTube or Facebook or as an email attachment.

The online help describes the functions of the full version of Clayframes. Not all functions are available in Clayframes Lite which is the trial version.

Please mention Clayframes if you post your movies on YouTube.

Thanks for choosing Clayframes, if you encounter any issues or have any requests for new features please mail details to and we will try to address them.


Clayframes includes these powerful features:

* Mp4 video exporter for Android 4.3 and higher. Plays with built-in Android player.

* AVI video exporter and player.

* Onion-skinning (transparent overlay) for smooth movement. Align the current shot with the previous one.

* Preview Loop: Review your movie as you shoot it! Make fast progress without stopping to review.

* Trigger camera shutter remotely using a hand clap or the phones proximity sensor. Avoids camera shake.

* Timed shutter release option for time-lapse movies. Any interval from 1 second to 1 hour.

* Add audio using the microphone on your device. Record your own vocals, effects or soundtrack.

* Import external images.

* Preview your stop motion at different speeds before exporting to video.

* Edit ANY frames; add and remove frames at any position in your movie. Get that timing just right.

* Add to your movie at ANY time; add more frames to older movies.

* Adjust playback speed (frames per second) at any time.

* Quick single frame duplication and deletion.

* Copy, reverse and delete clips of frames or the whole movie.

* Review slider gives quick navigation and touch controlled playback speed.

* Choice of image resolution; including HD.

* Share your stop motion directly with email, YouTube or Facebook.

* Play the whole movie or selected clips, without exporting.

* Compact app can be installed on SD card.

* No adverts (except Clayframes Lite has an advert for the full version)

Tip: If the silent shutter option has no effect on your device then try turning the volume control down.

Tip: Do not use the Force GPU Rendering option in Ice Cream sandwich. 


Test devices:

HTC Desire

Nexus 5

Nexus 7

Nexus S

Galaxy Tab 2 10"

Galaxy Y

Galaxy Europa

HTC Flyer 7"

If you have any queries or encounter any issues please mail details to and I will try to address them.
Send me links to your Clayframes movies and let me know if you'd like them added to the samples page.