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What's this section all about?

This section of the Web site is similar to the "Videos" and "Suggested Stuff" sections in that it is ever-changing. Below, I will post and periodically change images that I have seen in the news, while searching the Web, while in class, or just some how come across. These images are not just random, but are related to Social Studies. They are meant to be thought provoking and interesting. You don't have to do anything with the images and there is no assignment that goes along with them, but check them out, because I'm sure that you will find them just as interesting as I do.

Where can I find classroom images?

Our classroom will have an ongoing collection of photo's. You can access these photo's by clicking on the banner at the top of the  page (underneath the heading "Images"). These photo's will be of classroom activities and if anyone wants a photo taken down at any time, please E-mail me and I will  remove the photo from the classroom photo album. The pictures will be left up for everyone to see and I will not delete them. Be courteous about the photo's and DO NOT use the photo's in any way that results in bullying or we will have a very serious talk and you will be reprimanded commensurate with your bullying act.

Image 1: Sandstorm in Iraq

What does this say about desertification in the Middle East?

Image 2: Polar Bears on an Iceberg

How does this image reflect that Global Warming is present?


Image  3: Shoes from Holocaust Victims

This photo shows a pile of Holocaust victims shoes that were discarded at a concentration camp. We will be discussing concentration camps, the Holocaust and WWII in our upcoming unit.