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Timeline - Due Dates
There will be time given in class to work on assignments, but for some students and assignments, the time given in class may not be enough to complete the work. Some assignments may have to be completed at home! Students may hand write their assignments, and then bring them to class to type them or students may also email Mr. Lee their work - The actual experiment and data collection will all be done at home!
 Due Date
Signed Problem Statement (20 pts)
See Canvas
Research Paragraphs (50 pts)

See Canvas
Hypothesis (20 pts)

See Canvas
Experimental Design (100 pts) - (variables, procedures, materials)

See Canvas
Data Table Design (20 pts)
See Canvas
Experimenting May Begin!

See Canvas
Research paragraphs edited (100 pts)

Data Collected and brought to School
Monday, January 5th
Graphs Completed (20 pts)

Conclusion Paragraph (50 pts)

Discussion Paragraph (50 pts)

Works Cited (50 pts)

Science Fair Board Completed

Extra Time to Complete Project

What your final display board should look like
(we will be making labels for your board in class)

Project Board

Grading Rubric for Final Project Board

Thank you to Curtis Cruise, a former colleague, for providing many of the details on this website.