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SPEECH - Semester one

Improving interpersonal speech skills, such as conversation, empathetic listening, nonverbal communication, interviewing, speaking formally, speaking informally, and using language effectively are the learning goals in Speech I. Students develop self-confidence and build communication skills needed for social situations and career success through a variety of individual and group speaking projects. Students will develop storytelling skills and perform stories in various settings. Speech skills will prepare students for both live and virtual audiences.

SPEECH - Semester two

Preparing and presenting formal speeches, using support materials, visual aids, research and persuasive techniques reinforce basic speech skills and give students an opportunity to develop their speaking abilities. Critical thinking and listening skills will increase as students become aware of how speaking techniques are used in every day life. In addition, oral interpretation skills and performance techniques will be demonstrated and developed. Students will use communication skills to collaborate with students from other countries on a global project. Speech skills will prepare students for both live and virtual audiences.


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