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The Photography classes will spend the first semester learning basic techniques of photography including using aperture, shutter speed, and depth of field in taking photographs. Students will also learn how to develop black and white negatives and prints in the darkroom. The Photography classes will spend the second semester studying various special techniques of photography as an art.  More focus will be placed on the artistic skills of photography. Projects will be based on new and previously learned technical skills used to create artistic photos. A portfolio project will also be instilled for each quarter. The portfolio will contain pictures that the student has taken and developed during that nine week term.

Lesson Plans are now found on the PPHS website at:

A5: http://www.ppcusd8.org/pages/Pleasant_Plains_High_School/Classes/409_01

B3: http://www.ppcusd8.org/pages/Pleasant_Plains_High_School/Classes/409_02

  • File Management - video lesson 

    File Management

  • Upload photos to Picasa (do not download Picasa software - we use the online upload) - video lesson 

    Uploading to Picasa

  • Create Digital Portfolio site (use Google sites) - video lesson 

    Creating Digital Portfolio