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Students will find this website useful as it provides explanations of topics covered in class.  Many online resources and tutorials will be linked to provide students access to additional help.  Also, many of the handouts distributed in class will be available for download under the appropriate headings.  I will often post recaps of topics after they have been covered in class. 

Parents will be able to use this website to stay up to date on what their children are doing in my classes.  No longer will you have to accept "nothing" as the answer to "so what did you do in science today?"  Many of the topics we cover address science misconceptions held by a significant number of people, regardless of age and/or education.  Who may learn something new right alongside your child. 

My contact information is listed below should you have any questions or concerns which you feel need to be brought to my attention.

(715) 466-2297  

Email:  richard_kildow

Click here to e-mail me.

Boiling water at -36F

Lenny and Speedy both continue to provide students with adorable entertainment and their soothing presence adds to the atmosphere of the classroom.  

I am always looking to bring the soothing presence of plants into the classroom.  Particularly carnivorous ones.  That would include venus fly traps, pitcher plants, and sundews.  After that, we will be willing to take donations of house flys and other insects from local families to feed the plants.