Class Rules

All school policies will apply and be enforced. No cell phone use will be allowed. All students must be in dress code including ID.  Students must be in their assigned seat when the bell rings. Eating and drinking is allowed as long as there is no trash left behind. If trash is found in classroom eating and drinking privileges will be suspended. Students must raise their hands and receive permission before leaving their seats. Students are not allowed to talk during lectures. Any infraction of the rules mentioned can result is disciplinary action. Severe cases will be referred to the dean's office. Any unsafe act or horseplay during labs will result in removal from class.

Make-up Policy

Students will be allowed to make up all assignments if absent (unless it is their second out of school suspension). However it is the student’s responsibility to obtain those assignments. Late work for the last chapter may be turned in prior to next test day of the following chapter. Students will lose 2 points per day for complete work and half off plus 2 points per day for incomplete work. Some labs cannot be made-up. However students can receive alternative assignments. Test can only be made-up after school. Cheating will result in a zero grade that can not be made up.


Materials Needed

All students will need a notebook, calculator, pencils, pens, notebook paper, and lab safety contract that can be printed from this site. 


Grading Scale

                90-100            A


80-89                                   B


70-79                                   C


60-69                                   D


0-59                                      F


Test  50%

Labs 30%

Homework, class work 20%

Class work, homework, and labs will be given due dates as they are assigned. Students should print all chapter work for the chapter we are studying and have it available in class. All answers on chapter work must be hand written. Some assignments will be given during class and are usually due by the end of the class period. There are some assignments that will be graded for completion not correctness. Some assignments are available only to students who are present the day it is given. Those assignments will not count against students who are not present. There are many labs to do in this class. 


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