Course Assignments

Assignment Order

Do the pre - assignment then do the first five assignments. Do these in the order listed below. These should be done before the middle of this ten week course. When these first five are complete you may choose the order in which remaining assignments are done. You should always be taking advantage of the opportunity to increase your computer skills. You should plan on completing at least seven assignments.

Each assignment is graded on a four point scale. Assignments that earn you a grade lower than four points may usually be redone. However, please check with Mr. Kaltman before doing an assignment over.

#1 Assignment
We will watch the youtube video Did you know?  After we watch this we will have a discussion about technology and education and you will be asked to take notes on the video.

#2 Getting started

Starting in middle school every student in the district is provided with place to save the computer files they create. This place is your H-drive. You can access this H-drive from any district computer. Access is not available from home.

Students are also provided with an email account. If you happen to have access to a computer away from school you may email files to yourself. This allows you to access files even though you can't access your H-drive. When away from school you can access the files that you emailed to yourself. When you open them you can edit the files, save them and email them back your yourself. When back on a school computer you can open these files from your email and then save them to your H-drive.

In this class you will be making and saving several files. To keep your "stuff" organized you will make a folder on your H-drive. Follow these steps now to make your computer folder on your H-drive.

  1. Click on ICON that says My Computer from your computer desktop.
  2. Double click on your H-drive (it will have your user name followed by the letter 'H' in parentheses. (May be different this year)
  3. Pull down the File menu and select New and then from the flyout menu select Folder.
  4. The words "New Folder" will be highlighted type "Computers." This will replace "New Folder" with "Computers."
  5. This new "Computers" folder is where you should save all your work for this class.
  6. You may also want to make folders for other classes.
  7. Your H-drive has a limited amount of storage space. Therefore at the end of the ten-week course empty any files in your folders that you no longer need.
  8. Send me an email telling me what you thought of the DID YOU KNOW? movie.  Make sure you reference DID YOU KNOW?
  9. Send the email to "lkaltman" using ICSD Webmail Exchange.


#3 Dance Mat Typing
This assignment will help you become a faster and more accurate typist. It should be fun too!!! Click on this link for dancemattyping.

At the end you will be assessed on your typing skills!!!

#3A Typing Test
Do a typing test for 3 minutes with Black cover on keys.
Afterwards email me your words per minute with correct subject and then play games.
#4 Computer Experience Memo:
Use Microsoft Word to type a memo explaining your computer experience.  Please take your time doing this, spell check document, and practice using all the features of Microsoft Word.

The memo should be in the form as the sample memo in "Course Documents."
In the first paragraph explain your computer experience in elementary school. Identify what computer platform (ie: Macintosh, Windows) you have used.  List programs or types of programs you have used (ie: Word, email, Adobe Photoshop).
In the second paragraph explain your computer experience outside of school. As with your school experience, explain the computer platform(s) and programs you have used.

Save the memo and then send it, as an email attachment, to Mr. Kaltman. Send the email to "lkaltman" using Exchange Webmail.

#5 The Big Green Brochure Planning Memo

You are to write a memo that outlines your plan for the Big Green Brochure. Start by reading "#5 Big Green Brochure Project Explained" below. 

As explained in "#5 Big Green Brochure Project Explained" your brochure will have six panels. Follow the format in the attached template. You will note that there are two web site spaces for the four main panels. This is because it is expected you will have at least one site for information and one for a graphic (picture) for each panel. The first and last panels should have graphics and other information you that you already know. Therefore it is expected that you will only need one website, for the graphic, for each of those panels.

If you cut and paste the sample memo, do not include the italic instructions in your memo.

Goto Course Documents and click on Greenplaningbrochuretemplate.doc.

Brochure Planning Memo

You will use the application, “Microsoft Publisher” to make a brochure about a solution to an environmental problem.

#6 Big Green Brochure Project Explained

After you have planned your Brochure, now go do it.  Go into Documents and click on BigGreenBrochure.doc.

#7 Lemonade Stand

You will play the Lemonade Stand game to see how much profit you can make.


Start by going into Course Documents and clicking on LEMONADESPREADSHEET.xls.

Save this worksheet in your H Drive.  

After each day of selling, fill in the data on your spread sheet.

When done make a chart of your data.

When prompted select new sheet.

Pull down View menu and select Header and Footer

Click on the CUSTOM HEADER button and insert a DeWitt heading.

Print it out and hand it in.

You may want to play the game for fun before you plug in your spreadsheet.

Follow instructions at this link to play the game.


#8 Web Adventure

We will be creating a choose-your-own adventure, using Microsoft Publisher to create a web site. 

To see an example of the Web Adventure.  Goto Course Documents and click on 

Goto File and preview web page.  

Before you begin creating the adventure, however, outline it using the Inspiration program.  

To understand how to use Inspiration Goto Course Documents and click on USINGINSPIRATION1.doc.

When you finish your outline, print it out and hand it in. Then create the web site using Microsoft Publisher.

To see an example of the Web Adventure.  Goto Course Documents and click on for an unfinished example.

1. Open Microsoft Publisher

2.Choose Blank Publications tab

3.Choose Web Page

4. From File Menu, Page Setup, change page size to 7.5" wide, 4" height

5. Insert as many pages as you will need


#8 Make a survey

First create a question that you are going to ask a minimum of 50 students.
You may do this in Microsoft Word or on a blank piece of paper.
This question should have more then 3 but less then 6 answers.
You must survey students during lunch, on the bus, before school or after school.
Next use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet that displays your data.
In Microsoft Excel click on Insert Chart and highlight data and make a bar graph of your survey.
Use Microsoft Help to assist you, search for chart wizard.
Hint: Click on VIEW; Click on Toolbars; Click on Chart 
You may email your survey and bar graph to me when it is completed.
This email should explain the results of the survey.
Make sure your graph has a title and axis are labeled with correct values and descriptions.
Have fun with this.
To see an example click on Course Documents and open up surveyproject.xls

#9 Circle of Courage SlideShow

We will be creating a slide show using Microsoft PowerPoint

The topic of the slide show is “Circle of Courage”. 

The slide show should include at least 5 slides.

Include one slide that includes an introduction to the “circle of courage” concept, possibly including some history, and a discussion of how the concept can be used at DeWitt. 

Include 4 more slides, one for each quadrant of the circle.

If you use information from the web in your presentation, include a slide at the end of the slide show with a list of the web sites you got your information from. Include enough of the addresses so that I can get back to the web sites.

On the 4 slides for the quadrants of the circle, include a definition on what the words mean to you, an illustration or photograph that shows those qualities, and an example of some action you have seen at home or at school that demonstrates that quality.

These two websites may help you:  (You can also search more on your own)

#10 Mug Shot

Go into Documents and click on Class Mug Shot to start assignment.
#11 The Sixth Sense MIT Video
Learn about 3 Dimensinal Facial recognition technology.
Click on this link to watch:
Write a brief email about what you thought of video.
Then choose an area in the school to take alot of pictures.
Then download pictures on h drive and goto this link to make a panaromic.
#12 Learn to Program in Java
Download Storytelling Alice to your H drive.
If you do not do this it will not save for tomorrow's class.
Go through Demos.
Then Go through tutorials.
Afterwards try to make your own program.
#13 Learn about Solar System
Goto the below link and follow along and do the web-quest.
#14 Environmental Poster
Use the computer to make an "AWESOME" poster to submit to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
To review what is expected:
To find pictures you can use for your poster go to reference pages. - US Fish and Wildlife Services - National Ocean and Atmosphere - NASA pictures

#15 Learn to make a web page.

Follow tutorial to make learn to write HTML code. through links and make your own webpage

#16 Make a comic strip

#17  Google Earth
Go visit cool places and learn how to use this awesome resource.
Click on this link:

Then publish it and share with your friends

Bonus Activity to assist in Learning English:

Click on link:

Click on link:

Click on link: