Student Printing

This page is a walkthrough on HOW to print from the STUDENT WORKBOOK at school off a student laptop without printing all 692 pages. Please follow these instructions closely. They can be found below. 

1) Make sure you click on the small down arrow button as highlighted in the picture below. This will expand the print menu and give you more options. 

2) The expanded print screen will look like this. For instructions on what do with this screen scroll down to the next picture. 

3) Click on the circle next to FROM as highlighted below. 

4) If you look at highlight A, you can see that we are on page 102 out of 692. This means we need to print page 102 and 103 so we get the answer sheet as well as the practice/word sheet. In the boxes highlight by highlight B you should enter 102 and 103 as shown below. 

5) Final step. Click Print.