Google Apps Workshop

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Introductory Activities:
If you don't have a Google Account, now's the time!

The Google Philosophy 

Why use Google Apps? 

Google Apps will allow your students to collaborate on projects; modify search results; create web pages; access content from anywhere; and much more. Here are some examples for just a few of Google's products that you may find useful (not just in the classroom).

Some Google Basics

Google Docs (and Presentations and Spreadsheets and Drawings and Forms)

Maps and More! 

Google Sites- If you've always wanted a website but have been too intimidated to make one Google makes it easier than ever. After selecting a template you're just moments away from having your own site. With a little editing you can even use it with your own URL.

Google Books
 Add books to your library. See how you might be able to use this tool in class.

Other Google Tools