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        Prophecy: Regarding the Travelling People Of Scotland 

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I don't know very much about the person who brought the prophetic words below. [except that the person was male and he was not from the Travelling People and that he was a visitor to the church. The prophecy was recorded on audio casette tape in the Elim church Aberdeen, then printed on A4.] I've had this prophecy 'on paper' in the back of my bible for years. So when I created this website I decided to put the prophecy on it to encourage the Travelling People in the Lord, God cares.

[Travellers Prophecy Sunday 16 May 1993]

Quote... "As I sat in the Elim Pentecostal Church in the city of Aberdeen at the evening service a group of Travelling People came in. The oldest of them held a well used Bible in his hands whilst the womenfolk held children in their arms and the younger men stayed close by. As they passed me by the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me and I was caused to look upon all the Travellers in the meeting. Nearby also was three Traveller lassies sitting together.

The Word of the Lord came unto me saying...

Behold, these words are not of men, nor of angels, but are the words of Jesus Christ the true and Living One. Oh, My precious, precious children that are known among the Gentiles of this land of Scotland as the Travelling People.

* I have looked down from My throne on high and My eyes have filled with tears and My bowels have filled with compassion as I have beheld the sufferings and afflictions that have been heaped upon your generations through the hands of the Gentiles of this land.

You have been esteemed as a cursed and unfruitful branch, Yet I the Lord God of your ancient forefathers say this unto you, you are a choice people and are greatly favoured at this time by Me and I say unto you that you are a fruitful branch and are greatly blessed.

Amongst your seed I will raise up servants unto Myself that will lift up My Name in this land of Scotland and beyond, and they shall preach My Name and repentance and none else shall they declare unto this generation.

For behold, soon I return, bringing My reward with Me, and this land shall not escape My wrath, save it give heed to the words of those I will raise up to this work. Say unto My handmaidens that are also known by the name of Traveller, I am exceedingly pleased with the steps you have taken towards Me and I rejoice in your faith in My Name.

Open your mouths wide concerning Me unto your fathers, and to your husbands and to your children and I will bless you mightily and My Spirit will bear witness to the truth of your words to your kindred.

Rejoice for I am come down to comfort your people in this last of days and to bless you with the greatest of blessings and to remove from your brow the sore cursings that have been heaped upon your people by the unrighteous generation of the Gentiles that have polluted this land of Scotland. I am the Lord that speaks these words, and I shall surely fulfil them swiftly and whom can gainsay Me? Amen." Unquote  Amen to that.
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