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Beurla Reagaird was a 'secret language, gaelic cover tongue' spoken by the gaelic speaking Travelling people of the highlands & islands of Scotland. I don't know of many travelling people who 'now' speak or even remeber any Beurla Reagaird words. The only other list of 'Beurla Reagaird' words in print to my knowledge are in the 'Appendix 2' of a book by [Timothy Neat, entitled 'The Summer Walkers.] My vocabulary of Beurla Reagaird, which I learned as a boy from my dad is all but forgotten through lack of use. As a kid I would ask him..."dad what's the Beurla Reagaird for this... that... or the other. Now so that 'Beurla Reagaird' is not all completely forgotten, I decided to type the Beurla Reagaird words that I remember from my days as a youth, onto my website.
(I must try to put an audio/video of Beurla online 'sometime in the furture')

              I've now uploaded '3' Beurla-Reagaird Videos to YouTube



Years ago in my grandparents and great grandparents time, Beurla Reagaird was widely used among the gaelic speaking people of the travelling comunities, especially when doing business and financial deals with the 'Duachd' 'non travellers' ie. buying & selling: horses, tin, hardware etc.


I will be regulary updating the Beurla Reagaird Glossary, as 'and I stress' AS I gather more words from the 'now' older family members & relatives, my mum and uncles etc. sadly my dad (Donald MacDonald, aka Dolan) is no longer with us for me to enquire anything relating to Beurla Reagaird. He died in 2003. [Please see, tribute to my dad link from 'navigation bar']

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