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     [Gaelic meaning in Parentheses]

¶ Just on the off-chance that you might be somewhat remotely interested in anything  about me... 

I hail from the Isle of Lewis.
(The land of Coves & Blones) 

My name is... 
James MacDonald
[Seumas MacDhòmhnaill]
aka Crìstean.
I'm the oldest of eight of a family, I have three brothers [John, Alexander and George, and four sisters Grace, Mary, Jessie and Christina] Our parents are Donald [aka Dòlan] (who went to be with the Lord in Oct. 2003) and Jemima
[aka Simeag] MacDonald.
We all lived
back then, the 
good old days!!!
at Tong Bridge [Gleann Dubh],
a lot of my
relatives and
friends also lived in the Tong Bridge, Bridge Cottages, Marybank, Barvas and Parkend areas of Lewis.


¶ When I was about twelve years old my parents moved to Tong. We then lived at Ford Terrace,
and that was our
home until we all
flew the nest. We still refer to the Isle of Lewis as 'home, back home'. I've been living in Barrhead [Ceann a' Bhàirr] since 1983, it's about 7 miles from Glasgow [Glaschu] and about 4 miles Paisley [Paislig.]


¶ I'm ?? years young born 1956, I'm married to
Elizabeth aka 'Bibith' who's three years my junior. Elizabeth is also the oldest in her family of six, two girls [Carol and four boys Thomas, James, Kevin and Malcolm].


God has greatly blessed us with
two wonderful,
kind, loving,
respectful and
daughters, Laura
born 1978 and
Stacey aka 'The
Stace' born 1985.
God has also equally blessed us with five equally wonderful grandchildren. We are privileged to be their grandparents. (Laura, is mum to four). Steven George born 1996, Erin born Dec. 2002, Lauren born Aug. 2005 and Cameron Alexander James born 2010. In Sept. 2015, Caleb James William, was born to Stacey & Chris. (their first child). We couldn't have asked for a better family. I guess we're just a little bit biased when it comes to our daughters and grandkids. I thank God for them.†


¶ My wife 'Elizabeth' comes from Barrhead
(a Borrheid Lass) (My Mrs 'RIGHT' the one thing I that didn't know about her, until, after we were married is... that her real first name is (alway's)
We met each other on a 'blind date' and fell in love at 'first sight' (no pun intended). we got married in 1984 in the 'registry office' in Barrhead, and our wedding reception was held at her mum's (June (nee Carberry) McKenzie) home, then, 125 Carlibar Road. Where, we all (family and friends etc.) had a right good 'old knees up' at our wedding reception. We look forward to a long and happy life together with God's blessing.



I come from a background of generations of gaelic
speaking... [Tha Gàidhlig gu
leòr agam ach chan eil mi ro
mhath air leughadh agus a sgrìobhadh ann's a Gàidhlig.]
['cùm gàidhlig bèo'] ...travelling people'
[Luchd-Siubhail, Ceardannan] from the
highlands & islands of Scotland,

My grandparents and great-grandparents were Travellers,
('Tinkers and
Ceards') were used
as derogotary
terms to refer to
us by the 'non travellers' so to
speak. Hawkers, Tinsmiths, Harris Tweed waste [fuigheags/fuigheagan] merchants, scrap dealers, yarn/bobbin venders are some of
trades of the Highland Travellers.  Although
the Travelling people worked at other various
jobs & professions, the above jobs were some
of the trades of the travelling people that I remember my dad, Donald and uncles James
and John MacDonald working as.



Tong [Tunga] is a small village on the Isle of
Lewis [Eilean Leòdhais, 'Eilean an Fhraoich'.]
Tong is about four  miles  North East of
Stornoway, [Steòrnabhagh] 
 Stornoway, is a burgh in Lewis, and it is twin towned with Pendleton, South Carolina, USA.
Stornoway is the capital town of the western isles. Lewis is the largest of the 30+ Islands on 
the North coast oF Scotland, know as The Outer Hebrides [Innse Gall] or The Western Isles [Na h-Eileanan Siar] (The General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) estimates that in June 2005, the population of the Western Isles was 26,370, and about 17,000 live on the Isleof Lewis).

Stornoway's crest 
& motto...  

"God's providence is our inheritance”, 
 "Se freasdal Dhe ar dileab". 


¶ Lewis is about 60 miles long by 25 miles wide. The Island has some of 'the' most beautiful white sandy beaches that you will see in the world.

I've got family and friends who live on the Island whom I visit quite regular. In Oct. 2005 Stornoway hosted the National Mod. An event which attracts many visitors and expats to the Island. I'm proud to say that Lewis is a 'visitor friendly' Island. We Lewisfolk [Leodhasaich] go out of our way to make our visitors, feel, Welcomed.


¶ The Island is a ideal place for outdoor pursuits great for fishing 'a Fisherman's Paradise' camping, canoeing, hill walking, bird watching, quad biking etc. And across the border there's also the beautiful rocky Isle of Harris to discover.


Where I was employed by Gelologistics (formally called... LEP International). from 1996-2005. I was employed as warehouse/forklift truck operative by Geologistics, a freight forwarding company. 
I've worked with for company in their
warehouses at: Black Byers Road, Barrhead; Shelwelton Road, Irvine. And latterly in modules
4 & 5; Bays 11, 12 & 13' at the IBM/Sanmina
 plant in Spango Valley, Greenock, Scotland.
For the last couple years 2003/2004, the
company had being doing a lot of cutbacks ie. bonuses, over/time etc. So in April 2005 I took voluntary redundancy, the remainder of the Geologistics work force in IBM/Sanmina Plant in Greenock, were all made redundant in 2006.
Then I worked for Tesco Stores Barrhead, I worked Night/Shift as a general assistant until I was laid of work in December 2006 due to long-term illness. I hold on to God's word for my health and also for my family's health and salvation...


¶ My wife, Elizabeth works for the local council as a  home support worker. She is naturally a very caring person (even if I do say so myself) and is ideally suited for this type of job.
Our daughter Stacey is also employed by the local council as an administrator
East Renfrewshire Council. [Comhairle Siorrachd Rinn Friù an Ear]
Our eldest daughter Laura works hardest of us all, as a mother and homemaker bringing up four kids, all whom have health issues.

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