Academic Support : Exceptional Education

Allen L. Jacobi



Classroom Academic Support


The support is a scheduled class it is graded and is used as a way to enrich and coincides with the other classes that are taken by the student. This class is scheduled when the IEP of the student states the need for this class.



Support as needed


The area is when a student comes in to receive extra help either on an as need basis or a time is stated in the IEP. It is used to enrich the regular classes with support for tests and homework projects. The method is used and scheduled in a students elective classes or during testing in the class time frame


Regular class support


This method is used to check on students to see how they are responding within the regular class setting. The student is monitored and assignments are checked. The student is evaluated on how they are doing and if more intervention is needed for success. This determination is also stated in the IEP

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