Augmented Reality

4D Learning - the Future is Now - Elements 4D - Explore the chemicals in the Periodic Table of Elements as you learn about Chemistry!

Download and print the six cubes from Daqri (cardstock works best).

Download the Elements 4D App.

Animal Cell by Quiver (formerly ColAR Mix)

Explore the Solar System via the Amazing Space Journey app. Download the board here.

Spacecraft 3D gives students the opportunity to learn about and interact with spacecraft that have been used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe.

Download the trigger/target image from NASA.

  • Download the app for IOS from the iTunes Store. The Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Hover your device over the trigger/target image to discover the various spacecraft used by NASA.

Disney Nature Explore - Explore 5 different 3D animal adventures -- Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion and Loggerhead Sea Turtle. There are 4 activities for each of the animals. Download the app here. This app does not use a trigger image.

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Edheads - Edheads provides free, educational online games focused on science, math, and critical thinking.

Sick Science - Videos and cool science experiments from Steve Spangler and

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Chemical Education Digital Library - large collection of resources for teaching and learning chemistry

PhET - Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and math simulations

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Learn element names, facts and symbols with Element Quiz

Learn to balance chemical equations with Classic Chembalancer

Review balancing chemical equations with Review Chembalancer

Up for some hard chemical equations? Try Brain Boggle Chembalancer

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'Good Thinking' Web Series to Educate Science Teachers by the Smithsonian