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Technology-Infused Math Lessons & Activities

Cell Phone Plans (Check out the other lessons for grades 3-12 on this site)

Math Discussion with Explain Everything

Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks

The Iditarod and Math

Integrating Math & Technology Using Skitch

Scale City - Interactive simulations about scale/proportional reasoning for grades 6-8

Trig Golf - This trig golf activity created by Austin Throop of Lamar Consolidated ISD in Texas gets kids up and moving while they are doing trig! The “par” number is in correlation to how many steps it should take to solve. Some students may combine a step or two and birdie, or they may miss a step and work too hard for a bogey.

Google Form of Activities - collected from teachers at a math conference

Google Form of Activities - check the tabs at the bottom for middle school

Create your own games, activities & quizzes

other websites

Khan Academy - video tutorials and a great teacher section

Calculus Resources - resources for calculus

Statistics Resources - resources for statistics

The Extensive List of Math Resources - large collection of math resources

Master Math Mentor - math resources

Teacher Math - math resources

5 Ways Google Docs Enhanced My Math Class

Teachology - tons of math resources

Math Live - animated math Lessons

Math Disk - create and share interactive math worksheets; mathematical software & apps

Print Your Own Graph Paper - different types to choose from

Print Free Graph Paper - you select the size and type

Embedded Math - print graph paper, grids, etc.

Free Math Worksheets (Use to create online quizzes, annotate on top of with a device, etc)

Mathalicious - Free and paid online lessons for middle & high school

Math Bits - challenging and fun lessons & activities for secondary & college

Math Munch - games, videos & art projects

Estimation 180 - daily estimation challenges for upper elementary & middle school students

LearnZillion - Math and English Language resources for grades 2-12

Ten Marks Math - online program for students in grades 1 -12

Sheppard Software - Online games

Math is Fun - Resources for grades 1-8

MathTrain TV - Student created video tutorials

Math TV - Math videos

Mrs. Agriesti's Math Pages - Timed math drills

101 Questions - Images to use for discussion or writing (use with discretion)

Problem-Attic - 100,000 of the questions; great test generator

GeoGebra - Software for all grades; similar to Geometer's Sketchpad

Virtual Manipulatives by Glencoe - Grades preK-8

Build with Legos - Build with LEGO® bricks using Google Maps as the base

Math Representations - A Pearltree of math representations for EC - 5

EdSurge's Five Most Popular Free Math Tools

Happy Numbers - Elementary lessons that works on most Internet-enabled devices

Math Playground - Math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, etc.

Illuminations - Math resources by NCTM

Math Crunch - instantly connect with a math tutor

Cool Math - includes 3 websites of math resources and games

Engaging BYOT Activities - A TACKK site with tons of math resources

A+ Click Math and Logic Problems - All grade levels

8 Digital Graphing Tools That Top the Charts - Graphing calculators apps and websites

Mathies Learning Tools - K-12 Math Tools

Wowsers - Deliver assessments, personalize lesson plans and engage students with game-based learning

Mathematics Assessment Project - Formative and summative assessment tools for math

Math Antics - Simple and engaging math resources that make learning math more fun for students; free and paid options

Mathway - Tools to understand and solve math problems

Harvey's Home Page

Math SmartBoard Lessons

We provide teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today

Algebra: The Supplement

Math Snacks

Get the Math

Visual Calculus

Wolfram Alpha - Printable Math Worksheets