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Tip Tuesday

Even though my job is instructional tech, I don't want to limit sharing instructional tips that are perfect for tech integration and student-centered instruction.

Facing History provides 60 student-centered teaching strategies to strengthen your students’ literacy skills, nurture critical thinking, and create a respectful classroom climate. You can implement these strategies with any academic content.


Tip: When using technology think of this analogy written by Seymour Papert, "the father of educational computing."

"Imagine (if you can) that we lived in a world without writing--and, of course, without pencils, pens and books. Then one day, somebody invents writing and the pencil, and people say, “Wow, this would be great for education. Let’s give these things to all the children and teach them to write.” So then somebody else says, “Hey, wait a minute. You can’t just do that. You can’t just give every child a pencil. You’d better start by doing some rigorous experiments on a small scale. So, we’ll put one pencil in a classroom and we’ll see what happens. If great things happen, we’ll put two pencils in a classroom, and if greater things happen, then we’ll put in more…”

In short, don't be afraid to integrate technology because you are afraid of what is out there. Focus on student-centered instruction and empowering your students to communicate through writing.

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