Tutorial 4: Statistical inference

What is statistical inference? Why do we set a threshold? And which threshold should one choose? Type 1 error, Type 2 error and Power considerations. The resources on this page will help you answer these questions.

Robert V. Hogg

This applied introduction to the mathematics of probability and statistics emphasizes the existence of variation in almost every process, and how the study of probability and statistics helps us understand this variation. Designed for students with a background in calculus, this book continues to reinforce basic mathematical concepts with numerous real-world examples and applications to illustrate the relevance of key concepts.

Human Brain Function

Members of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging have published a free, online book about the analysis of functional images. Section 3 is devoted to the problem of dealing with multiple comparisons and inference.

Nicole A. Lazar

A book on fMRI data analysis aimed primarily at statisticians. It features a survey of the major statistical analysis approaches and includes discussion and comparison of analysis paths that enable readers to make informed data analysis choices. Download a sample chapter of this book from the attachments below.

D.R. Cox

The content ranges from the traditional to the contemporary. While specific applications are not treated, the book is strongly motivated by applications across the sciences and associated technologies. The mathematics is kept as elementary as feasible, though previous knowledge of statistics is assumed. Download an excerpt of this book.

Gordon E. Sarty

A review of the methods used for analyzing fMRI data, with mathematical outlines of how each method works, and the software available for developing the data. Aimed at graduate students and research investigators. Download a sample chapter of this book from the attachments below.

K.M. Petersson

Article Title | Statistical limitations in functional neuroimaging. II. Signal detection and statistical inference.

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