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Mon 9/18 Unit 3 page 13 1-10 all.

Fri 9/15 Homework due, test #1 for 2nd time and our first summative assessment.
Thurs 9/14 workbook page 43-44 #1-6 and #10
Wed 9/13 Handout on inequalities
Tues 9/12 Workbook page 33-34 3-8 all
MON 9/11 Grades are posted on IC. Today we started solving 1 and 2 step equations. Homework is to finish the 16 problems from handout

Fri 9/8 Test #1- grades will be posted on IC by Monday.
Thus 9/7 Today we reviewed for tomorrow's test. Students had most of the class period to finish handout. All homework is due tomorrow.
Wed 9/6 Hw pg 23 1-10 but not #1 or 6
Tues 9/5 Hw practice 1.1.1 pg 13 probs 1,2,6,7 only