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This sites serves as a way to keep track of homework assignments and upcoming events. Most current assignments will be toward the top of this list. 



Fri 6/9 Last day of presentations. Get organized for Final exams!
Thurs 6/8 Last chance at test #16 ---Monday's handout is due.
Wed 6/7 District eoc finish computer section and complete written section
Tues 6/6 District EOC- computer section
Mon 6/5 continue with project presentations- Last Finals review handout 48-60(due Thursday)

Fri 6/2 Test #16 and 15.
Thurs 6/1 Finals review 35-47
Wed 5/31 Finals review #15-34
 5/30 FINALS REVIEW STARTS TODAY HANDOUT 1-14 ALL---project presentations start

Thurs 5/25 Sample test #16...Our last test of new material! NEXT WEEK WE START OUR FINALS REVIEW AND THE PROJECT PRESENTATIONS BEGIN.
Wed 5/24 pg 35 #1,4,5,6,7,8
Tues 5/23 Complete Sec 6.1.2 Problems 1-9, not #5
Mon 5/22 Review handout on slope intercept and point slope form

Thurs 5/18 Problem based task completed in class- No homework today
Wed 5/17 Unit 6 workbook, page 13 problems 1-6 all.
Tues 5/16 handout practice on calculating the distance between 2 points
Mon 5/15 handout review of pythagorean theorem and finding slope

Thurs 5/11 Sample test for Test #15
Wed 5/10 pg 165 1-7 all
Tues 5/9 pg 153 #1-6 OR #7,8,1,2,4,5
Mon 5/8 Pg 141-144 #1,2,4,6,8,10-WE ARE BACK TO HAVING HOMEWORK MOST DAYS

Thurs 5/4 preliminary work on the pythagorean theorem All work done in class. Test tomorrow on #14 and #13.
Wed 5/3 In class complete pg 127-130 1-10 all but 4 and 7
Tues 5/2 construct a hexagon inscribed in a circle. No homework.
Mon  5/1 Construct a square. In class, no homework

Thurs 4/27 yellow cheat sheet practice test for #14
wed 4/26 pg 95, 2,3,4,7,8,10
Tues 4/25 Parallel line constructions in class so no homework. We also did a PBT in class
Mon 4/24 Today we constructed perpendicular lines. No homework.

Tues 4/18 Assignment completed in class. No homework.
Mon 4/17 Today we started our work on geometric constructions. Assignment completed in class.

Thurs 4/6 Today we took test #12 and #13. They will be graded and returned tomorrow. THIRD QUARTER END TOMORROW!
Wed 4/5 Today we did in class review for Tet #13. Homework is to complete both sides of the sample test. Homework due tomorrow.
Tues 4/4 homework is practice page 55 problems 1-9 odds. 
Mon 4/3 Today the "every 15 minutes " program adjusted our schedule so we had only 41 minute classes. Homework is a handout. On  Practice 5.2.1 side do only 1-6 and on the other side do any 5 of the 8 that are there.

Thurs 3/30 Today we completed a problem based task in class as a review for test #12. No new homework.
Wed 3/29 I will be out today to complete some work at the district. Assignments will be completed and turned in at the end of class today. No homework.
Tues 3/28 Homework is page 25, 1-10 all.
Mon 3/27 We started unit 5 today on geometry. Homework is pg 15, 1-10 all.

Thurs 3/23 Complete both sides of sample test #12
Wed 3/22 Use the "pearson correlation calculator" online to complete pages 129-131, 1-10 all. Make sure you focus on Cause!
Tues 3/21 Use the "pearson correlation calculator" online to complete pages 115-117 problems 1-10 all.
Mon 3/20 Homework is page 101-104, problems 1-5 all and 9 and 10.

Thurs 3/16 Homework is pages 89-92 #1-4 and 9-10.
Wed 3/15 Homework is a handout reviewing how to calculate slope and how to write equations of lines. 12 problems.
Tues 3/14 Homework is page 65-66 1-10 all.
Mon 3/13 No homework today as we completed a lesson using the macbooks in class

Thurs 3/9 Sample test #11, both sides
Wed 3/8 Handout on joint and marginal frequency.
Tues 3/7 pg 41-42 1-10 all
Mon 3/6 page 39. Make sure to include outliers, which measure of center is best and a box plot.

Thurs 3/2 in class we completed a problem based task comparing fuel efficiency of 2 cars. Homework is to finish both sides of the sample test. Test #9 and #10 tomorrow.
Wed 3/1 page 27-29 1-10 all except #3.
Tues 2/28 pg 15-16, 1-10 all.
Mon 2/27 Start of unit 4- page 6 1-6 all, plus add number 7 to find IQR and #8 to create a box plot for the data.

Thurs 2/23 complete both sides of the sample test.
Wed 2/22 pg 245 1-6 all, 7-10 pick any 2.
Tues 2/21 page 235 1-10 all
Mon 2/20 no school

Thurs 2/16 Homework is page 201-202 all except #2,5,10.
Wed 2/15 Homework is page 191-192, all problems except #3 and 6.
Tues 2/14 Today we started learnig about sequences. Homework is to finish page 81 #1-10 all. Plese only graph #3 and 4.
Mon 2/13 _No school

thurs 2/9 Homework is to complete both sides of the sample test. All homework is due tomorrow.
wed 2/8 today we did a computer activity in class. Homework is to finish pgs 221-225, 1-10 all.
Tues 2/7 In class assignment first, the students complete pg 211, 1-10 odds.
Mon 2/6 Homework is page 181 1-10, but not #2,4,6

Wed 2/1 Students started pgs 167-171 in class. They are to finish for homework all problems except #1 and #4.
Tues 1/31 in class assignment. No new homework.
Mon 1/30 Homework is pages 151-155 1-10 all

BEGIN SEMESTER 2 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Monday 1/23 -Friday 1/27 FINALS WEEK, NO HOMEWORK.

Thurs 1/19 Homework is to complete Finals review 33-40. Our last review and last homework for the semester.
Wed 1/18 Homework is to complete Finals review handout 25-32
Tues 1/17 Today we reviewed solving equations, inequalities and exponentials. Homework is to finish the 10 problems copied from the board.
Mon 1/16 - MLK day- no school

Thurs 1/12 Today we reviewed for test #8 and 7. Complete the sample. All homework is due tomorrow.
Wed 1/11 complete finals review handout 17-24
Tues 1/10 complete finals review handout 9-16
Mon 1/9 Today we discussed final exam structure. The Final is 20% of the overall grade. It will be 40 multiple choice notes. After the Final, students have the opportunity to retake up to 3 progress assessment tests. Cheat sheets are allowed for this part. I have printed sample tests and videos can be found at the site.
Homework today is to finish both sides of the handout "finals review #1-8"

Thurs 12/22 Homework is to finish both sides of the sample test that we started in class. The test is tomorrow and homework for the week is due.
Wed 12/21 No new homework. We played a computer game in class to develop academic language around linear and exponential equations.
Tues 12/20 pg 139 1-9 odds. Make sure to graph #3 and #5.
Mon 12/19 homework is page 129-130 problems 1-8. Yes they need to be graphed.

Thurs 12/15 Review for test #7. Complete the "C" side. If you want/need extra practice, you can complete the B side and watch the video( see link above).
 Wed 12/14 we completed 2 problem based tasks in class- Homework is to complete pg 117-120 and 7 problems of your choice.
Tues 12/13 Today we completed a 5 question in class assignment, then started homework which is pg 107-108 pick any 7 problems to complete.
Mon 12/12 Homework is to finish the handout on finding slope. All 12 problems.

Thurs 12/8 Homework is to finish the test 7 review...both sides. 
Wed 12/7 District Benchmark new homework
Tues 12/6 Sec 2.4.1 homework is page 93-96 #3-7 all.
Mon 12/5 Review handout for district benchmark test which is Wednesday

Thurs 12/1 Review handout for test
Wed 11/30 Period 1 finish handout, p2 no homework, per 4 finish pg 71 1-8. p5 and p6 no homework.
Tues 11/29 complete page 71 problems 3-7 on graph paper.
Mon 11/28 complete 12 problem handout on graphing linear inequalities. DISTRICT BENCHMARK #1 WILL BE WEDNESDAY, DEC 7.

Thurs 11/17 homework is to finish the sample 6 handout. also do the test 5 review if necessary.
Wed 11/16 No new homework. We completed some station activities in class and everything was turned in at the end of class.
Tues 11/15 Homework is page 49-50 problems 1-10 all.
Mon 11/14 Homework is workbook page 37-40 1-10 all

Thurs 11/10 Test #5-4 and homework due.
Wed 11/9 We spent the entire class period reviewing for tomorrows test. Assignment was turned in at the end of class, so no new homework.
Tues 11/8 Homework is to finish page 25-26 problems 5-10 from the workbook.
Mon 11/7 Homework is unit 2 pages 13-15 problems 1-10 all. SINCE THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, OUR TEST IS THURSDAY AND HOMEWORK IS DUE THURSDAY ALSO.

Thurs 11/3 Test today and homework is due. Quarter grades are tomorrow.
Wed 11/2 sample test #5 just odds. Homework is due tomorrow and test #5 is also tomorrow. Quarter ends Friday.
Tues 11/1 unit 3 workbook page 63 problems 5-9. Solve by any method.
Mon 10/31 homework is a handout 8 graphs

Thurs 10/27 Student choice today. Either complete the review handout(both sides) or complete the problem based tasks on page 51 and 61 from unit 3.
Wed 10/26 Complete handout 1-10 on elimination method
Tues 10/25 Today we went over homework questions and test questions. Homework is to complete the 10 problem handout on solving by substitution.
Mon 10/24 I was absent today. Students had notes to copy from the board and a handout to complete.

Thurs 10/20 Sample test for test#4
Wed 10/19 no new homework so make sure first 2 assignments are done.
Tues 10/18 page 75 1-7 all.
Mon 10/17 Graph the 6 problems copied from the board.

Thurs 10/13 Finish both sides of the test #3 and #2 review handout that we started in class.
Wed 10/12 Homework is workbook page 65 1-10, but not problems 4 or 9. Students must write the equation AND graph.
Tues 10/11 Homework is to graph the 8 problems from the overhead.
Mon 10/10 homework is to graph the 7 problems from the overhead.

thurs 10/6 complete sample test #3
Wed 10/5 Today we used our knowledge to complete a problem based task in groups. No new homework.
Tues 10/4 7 problem handout on exponential growth and decay.
Mon 10/3 Homework is unit 1 page 53 problems 1-8.

Thurs 9/29 We spent the entire class period reviewing for test #2 again. Homework is to finish the review handout. ALL homework is due tomorrow.
Wed 9/28- Today we went over questions on exponents first. Each student then completed a problem based task. Next we learned how to solve equations containing exponents. Homework is Unit 3 page 43 problems 1-10 all.
Tues 9/27 Exponent handout #2. Lots of time was given in class to ask questions and clarify concepts.
Mon 9/26 Today we went over Fridays test and made corrections. We started to learn the rules of exponents. Students were given a handout to start. We will complete the handout in class tomorrow.

Thurs 9/22 Homework is to finish both sides of the sample test we started in class. We will correct it before the test tomorrow.
Wed 9/21 page 43 1-9 all.
Tues 9/20 Homework is page 23 Pick any 5 and page 33 pick any 5. Should have a total of 10 problems complete.
Mon 9/19 Homework is unit 3 page 13, 14 problems 1-10 all

Thurs 9/15 Homework handout on Solving inequalities and a review of tomorrow's test. All 3 assignments are due tomorrow.
Wed. 9/14 No new homework We completed a problem based task in class.
Tues 9/13 Handout 12 problems on solving equations.
MON 9/12 Grades are posted on IC. Today we started solving 1 and 2 step equations. Homework is to finish the 10 problems copied in class. 

Fri 9/11 Test #1- grades will be posted on IC by Monday.
Thus 9/10 Today we reviewed for tomorrow's test. Students had most of the class period to finish handout. All homework is due tomorrow.
Wed 9/9 Hw pg 23 1-10 but not #1 or 6
Tues 9/8 Hw practice 1.1.1 pg 13 probs 1,2,6,7 only


Syllabus for Integrated Math 1

Mr. Iseley, Room T-11, or 395-5090, ext 506811


A...100-90%, B…89-80%, C…79-70%, D…69%-60%, 59.9% and below- No Credit “F”


·         HOMEWORK-IN CLASS ASSIGNMENTS-PROJECT (30%) Assignments will be completed using the assigned text and workbook tear outs. Practice assignments should be completed daily and are turned in as a packet each Friday. It is the student’s responsibility to check the accuracy of their work. 

·         PROGRESS ASSESSMENTS (30%):  Tests will be taken weekly. Each Progress assessment will be given 4 times in class. Your 2 best scores will be kept.

·         COMMON CORE  ASSESSMENTS (20%) . The CC tests cannot be retaken.

·         FINAL (20%) A cumulative final will be given at the end of each semester and will make

      up 20% of your total grade.


  • Attending class every day and being on time is critical. Students missing class miss out on notes, homework assignments and explanation of new material. Attendance will be taken daily and reported to the attendance office. If you have an excused absence, a readmit slip must be obtained from the attendance office. Late work will only be accepted if the absence is excused.  Punctuality will also be monitored. Tardiness will be handled according to school policy.


  • Student progress will be closely monitored. In addition to the school’s reporting process and Infinite Campus online, I will post student grades in class every week.


  • Attend class every day.
  • Complete all assignments on time.
  • Be seated and prepared for learning when the bell rings.
  • Treat their classmates with respect; no put downs of any kind.
  • Actively and positively participate in class.
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity in all of their actions.


·         Follow teacher directions and requests immediately.

·         Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

·         Remain seated unless you have permission to move about the classroom.

·         Eating (food, candy, etc.) and gum chewing are not permitted in the classroom.

·         Water is permitted in closable container.

·         Cell phones will NOT be allowed for calculator use.

·         Electronics (music devices, cell phones, etc.) are to be turned completely off and away.


·         Is complete with full solution. That is, all problems are completed or at least attempted.

·         The supporting work for each problem is shown completely using proper algebraic conventions and notations.

·         The work is done neatly.

  • The work is done accurately.



·         Students that are successful in school generally exhibit the following traits:

·         Are consistently present for class in body and spirit.

·         Desires to learn the material presented.

·         Uses time wisely.

·         Does practice work, study, and test preparation faithfully.

·         Asks thoughtful questions during class.

·         Actively participates in class and gets extra help when needed.


  • Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense in my class. Students cheating will be given a zero on that assignment and will not be able to recover points lost. I encourage collaboration on many assignments but I expect the work you hand in (assignments, exam/quiz, projects, etc.) to be your own.


I am excited to have the opportunity to help you learn at Kennedy High School. If you need extra help, I am available most mornings 7:45-8:15 or by appointment.  With hard work and respect you will be successful in my class.


Please return this syllabus to Mr. Iseley and refer to the school website for a copy of the Syllabus.

I/We have read and understand the contents of the syllabus.