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I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at ETH Zurich. I am also one of the core faculty members in the ETH AI center.

My interests are in building machine learning models for natural language processing, knowledge discovery and reasoning. Specifically, I focus on machine reading -- on building background knowledge of the world by extracting knowledge from text and incorporating the extracted background knowledge to solve problems that require reasoning. I am also interested in problems in natural language processing and education.

I am looking for strong and motivated PhD students to join my research group at ETH Zurich. I hope to add around 1-2 students every year to my group. While I may not have the time to respond to all of your inquiries all the time (please accept my apologies in advance), I will certainly read your emails.

I also have some masters thesis projects for ETHZ students. I currently do not have any paid internship positions.

Before joining ETHZ, I was a research assistant professor at TTI Chicago. I obtained my PhD from the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I spent my undergraduate years at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. I also have some industry experience - I worked for a couple of years at IBM Research India and have spent summers at Microsoft Research, Redmond and the Allen Institute of AI. During my PhD, I was fortunate to be supported by a number of fellowships: CMLH Fellowship, IBM Fellowship and the Siebel Scholarship.