Boys Tennis

Mainland Boys Tennis
South Jersey Group III Champion 2016
CAL American Conference Champion 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.
CAL Singles Champion-Nikola Kilibarda 2016, Ethan Fischer 2014.
CAL Doubles Champion-Brandon Savitch/Nick Filardo 2016, Brandon Savitch/ Parth Ghandi 2015.

Christopher Connolly- Head Coach.

Kathy Yohe- Assistant Coach

 Link to schedule/times/locations-2017 TBA

Tryout informatio-Spring 2017 TBA

Mainland Boys Tennis
2017 Rules and Guidelines

Academics and Sportsmanship will be a primary focus throughout the season.  Focus will be on the tennis fundamentals, conditioning, and work ethic.  Skills will be developed for all players, and the team will work to improve racket skills, volley skills, serving skills, and doubles skills.  Players will be encouraged to take risks on the court and to be creative and challenge themselves.

1-      DIGNITY and HONOR:

a.       Players will be expected to maintain the dignity and honor of their positions on the High School tennis team.

b.       Players will be expected to maintain a high level of sportsmanship on and off the court.

c.        Players will be expected to behave on, off, and away from the tennis court.

d.       All Mainland High School Rules will be followed and will be enforced.  Hazing, Bullying, and/or use of illegal substances will not be tolerated.


2-      ATTENDANCE: 

a.       Players must attend school regularly and make school their primary concern.  If you are absent from school you cannot practice or play.

b.       Students must be on time and dressed to go at the appointed time.

c.        Players will attend all practices.  Practices will be held Monday to Saturday.
On rainy days, Varsity will be practicing inside. 

d.       Tennis is a commitment that starts in March and ends in May.  Matches may be pushed back or change dates throughout the season.  

                                                               i.      A player missing a match for a vacation or unauthorized reason, will not receive their Varsity letter and will not be considered for post season awards or All Star Teams.

e.       All players will travel on bus to and from for away games.



a.       You must contact a coach if you are not able to attend a practice.

b.       If a student is injured they must report to the coaching staff.

c.        While the coaches greatly appreciate parents’ support of the tennis program and attendance at games against other schools, players report that the presence of parents at practice heightens the pressure on the players.  The coaches therefore respectfully request that parents not attend practices.

d.       A top priority of the coaching staff is to treat all players as fairly as possible.  If a player feels that he is not being treated fairly or does not understand his position on the team, the coaches encourage that player to self-advocate and speak to a coach directly or through his captains.  Parents should give players the opportunity to resolve any problems before becoming involved.

e.       If parents wish to contact the coaching staff about problems, please email the coaches 24 hours after a match.

Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may result in suspension, loss of Varsity Letter, and/or expulsion from the team, as well as school discipline.


Mainland Tennis Points of Focus

Honor above all- Compete at 100%.  Play with Class. If unsure about a call, it is in.
Fitness-Fitness will be the focus of team.
Footwork- When you put the ball in play you should move to the best position.
                         High School-8-10 steps after ball is hit.
                         College Level-10-12 steps after ball is hit.
                         Pro- 12+ steps after ball is hit.
Quick Serve/Quick Play- Play quick between points, always move quickly to get the ball.
Serves- Serve to Body/T/Wide to Forehand and Backhand.

Serves- Serve to Body/T/Wide to forehand and backhand.
Tactics- Attack Backhand, move player forwards/Backwards, side to side.
             -Execute plays. High and wide to backhand.
Take the Net
-To control point.

Serves- Location T(mix it up)
First Serve in
Communicate with partner
Returns- Cross Court so to control point.  Hit ball low.
Position-Staggered Set, protect the Middle
Placement- When hitting ball below waist, hit long, when above waist, hit close.
Communication is key-Serves, Returns Net Play.
Quick Play, Quick Feet, Control Net.
One Up/One Back- Play cross court till you can control the net.