Group 2: The Beginning of the Crusades

Nine hundred years ago, our forefathers carried the name of Jesus Christ in battle across the Middle East.

1. Create a poster restating and answering the following questions.
2. Design/build and show how a Crusader's shield would have looked.
3. Draw or trace a map to display the route of the First Crusade.  Include key information for each battle.

Your questions to answer (in complete sentences):
1. Why did the Crusades begin?
2. Explain the Pope's involvement.
3. How were men convinced to go off to war?
4. Who fought in the Crusades?
5. Where did the Crusades take place?
6. Who were they fighting against and what were they fighting for?
7. How did men prepare to go off to war?
8. How long were the men gone?
9. How many casualties did the Christians experience?
10. What did the women do while the men were gone to war?
11. How many campaigns were there, and were the Crusades considered a success or a failure?
12. Did any good or valuable information or discoveries come about because of the Crusades?

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