Temperate Woodland and Shrubland

The open woodlands and shrublands contain many wildflowers which lie between oak and other large trees.  Areas that are more dominated by shrubs are known as Chaparral.  Winters are very mild, whereas summers are very hot and dry this gives rise to multiple fires.

Biotic Factors: The plant life of this biome have adapted to periods of dry weather, or drought.  They have waxy leaves to retain moisture, as well as skinny leaves.  Many of the plants have developed resistance to fire,
however many produce flammable oils which give rise to many fires during the hot dry summers.  Most of the animals have a varied diet, so they are not very picky about what they eat.  Where the area is more
grassland camouflage is common amongst animals in order to disguise them from predators.

Abiotic Factors: Hot dry summers; mild moist winters; nutrient-poor soils; wildfires