This year we will make the transition from the Career Orientation framework to the new Career Development standards. Below is the State described purpose of the class.

Course Title:  Career Development


Career Development is the foundation that encompasses the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in any selected career pathway and program of study regardless of postsecondary plans.  Career development is prerequisite in nature and fundamental for all subsequent career planning and preparation.  The theory is to plan for something with a career focus and prepare for everything with a well rounded education.

Career Development is the sequence of career related choices and transitions over a span of time.  It includes awareness of self and the world of work with planning, preparation and pursuance of a satisfying and fulfilling career.  The process begins early in life and may continue throughout a lifetime.  Guidance, facilitation and coaching are necessary to help an individual transition through education, job preparation and career changes

The major goal of Career Development is to prepare students to take responsibility and become engaged in their own futures. Through career development, students will be able to progress through the educational environment with viable education, training, and career plans for transition to adult life.  Students will have the fundamental knowledge to take advantage of learning opportunities while adapting to changing personal needs and trends of local, national, and global economies.

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